PHOTOGRAPHY – Neon Pink and Blue – Thomas Birke’s HK Shots

German urban photographer Thomas Birke (Flickr) manages to make HK look gritty and glamorous, using a long-exposure Sinar film set-up.

“I am most interested in density… My aspiration is to show at least 1,000 people or their traces on every picture. Be it the illuminated windows of their apartments, the light streaks of their vehicles or their clothes hung out of windows for drying. Even if you do not see people directly, you can see their footprint on the urban environment.”

See his portfolio. Click here for more HK photography projects on the blog.

Wz6Yw72l.png (631×407)

Ja27TvO.jpg (632×500)

OetP9HT.jpg (636×495)

X9LgECs.jpg (636×584)

1Oxooit.png (635×415)

kge7eSNl.jpg (640×512)

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DoZuQ.jpg (640×508)

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qmKjal.jpg (640×512)

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WKDczl.jpg (640×509)

5lYtzl.jpg (640×510)

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BMaC7l.jpg (640×512)

lOloPl.jpg (640×512)

yCmcDl.jpg (640×512)

vAxXZl.jpg (512×640)

Birke stitches exposures together mostly using a 8×10 Sinar P2 large format film camera…

4jxgXWfl.jpg (640×306)

He has visited Hong Kong four times bringing his own developing paper…

dSB5lwAl.jpg (640×346)

1cScgNl.png (632×354)

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