BLOG – Preview of HK Kowloon XRL Station

Here are some artistic mock-ups of what the controversial Express Rail Link Kowloon station is set to look like. The architect is Andrew Bromberg of the firm Aedas.

“The Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus will connect Hong Kong to Beijing and is slated to become the largest underground high-speed rail station in the world when it is completed in 2015. The 4,628,481 sq ft facility is equipped with 15 tracks and is located centrally in Hong Kong, acting as a gateway to the city. Trains will reach maximum speeds of 124 mph and travel time between Hong Kong and Guangzhou will be shortened from about 100 minutes to 48 minutes.

Above ground, the terminal’s exterior architecture is quite exquisite. The outside ground plane bends down to the hall and the roof structure above gestures toward the harbor. The result is a 148 ft high volume which focuses all attention to the south façade with views of the Hong Kong Central skyline, Victoria Peak and beyond. Much of the station’s roof is actually green so pedestrian can cross over the top, making it seem more like a park than a train station.”

2awYol.jpg (640×360)

u3Dgpl.jpg (640×471)

ODptsl.jpg (640×446)

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oxGDH.jpg (721×462)

3UltR.jpg (721×323)

File:Guangzhou Shenzhen Hongkong Express Rail Link en.svg

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