LIVE – Occupy Central Live: Updates & Video 7

The Occupy Central sit-in protest is continuing. View editor Tom Grundy’s stream directly on Twitter.

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Live feed down? Try Apple Daily.

  • Peter Evans

    coverage is excellent, don’t need to know what everyone is saying you can pretty much tell from the emotion

    • Peter Evans

      although it seems we aren’t getting the live feeds anymore : (

      • Sherry Harrisson

        Yeah and no one is replying. I even emailed. Weird

  • Sherry Harrisson

    Guys, isn’t it live anymore?

  • Angela

    what happened to the live feed?

  • Joe Tang


    The bottom right feed is showing Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and still have the Mong Kok Live header…

  • Pyrus Gau

    i hope this Tom Grundy getting deported soon