PHOTOGRAPHY – Occupy Central: Photo Story from the Eye of the Storm Part 2/2 1

Photos from the eye of the storm – government headquarters in Tamar – as day one of Occupy Central unfolded. See part one here.

The area around LegCo remained cordoned off throughout the night.

Tear gas was deployed repeatedly, but protesters within the LegCo area and on Gloucester Road regrouped and returned to the front lines.

Barricades rearranged by protesters to secure the area were now abandoned.

With the area on lockdown, numbers had thinned within the closed area around government headquarters. Some took the opportunity to rest.

A protester named Miko had made her own bottle gas mask.

Another protester had written the phone number for the organiser help line on her arm.

25-year-old activist Kenneth staged a one-man protest between 6pm and midnight. He had remained still, facing police at the Legislative Council Complex since the moment tear gas was first deployed.

Some politicians remained. Old-timer Leung Kwok-hung ‘Long Hair’ had seen it all before.

Legislator and former journalist Claudia Mo was sat in tears on the front lines at one point, aghast at the behaviour of the police. Minutes later, she was back on her feet, goggles in hand.

yEf2Aez.jpg (1024×768)

Occupy Central organisers remained on site discussing how they could reach out to the protesters trapped on Gloucester Road.

Meanwhile, at Lung Wui Road, police had removed improvised barricades that students erected on Friday. Police vans were moved into the area.

At the main stage, the day had taken its toll on Cardinal Zen.

Protesters, deemed “violent” in government press releases, continued to tidy the area, litter-pick and sort recycling.

By midnight, organiser Benny Tai had donned goggles and moved up to the front lines.

Dozens of plain clothed police moved into the closed LegCo area.

Chinese University academic Gordon Matthews was on scene having promised organiser Chan Kin-man that he was “ready to be arrested”.

Police slept overnight in the closed areas of Tamar Park.

Throughout the night, thousands continued to gather in Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Admiralty and Mongkok. Follow live updates today on Twitter.

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