BLOG – Occupy Halloween: Umbrella Movement-related Costume Ideas

As police claim that protesters are wearing costumes to evade the law, Hong Wrong presents a selection of Umbrella Movement-related costume ideas.

Lau Kong-Wah Rubbish Bin

Under-secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Lau Kong-Wah is being repeatedly lampooned by netizens after this image went viral.
Requires: Orange bin, glasses. Difficulty Level: 7/10.

Banner face

Inspired by the pro-democracy banner unfurled on Lion Rock.
Requires: Yellow paper. Difficulty level: 1/10


via Kris Cheng

Via Kris Cheng

Mr Hui

Viral sensation and police spokesman Mr Hui. Complete the look by parroting his famous catchphrase “I will now recap in English”.
Requires: Policeman outfit. Difficulty level: 5/10
P33VG68.jpg (640×360)

Occupy protester in tear gas mode

A striking image from the early days of the movement.
Requires: Goggles and/or hipster glasses, mask, umbrella, cling film. Difficulty level: 5/10

CY Leung

Too scary. Think of the children!

KniI49W.png (751×327)

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