EVENTS – Calling All Geeks: HK’s 1st Open Data Jam-hack-athon

Developers, journalists, designers, tech geeks, business people and statisticians are meeting in cities across the world to brainstorm ideas, ‘jam’ and compete to make new apps and systems. This sub-culture – which goes beyond simple notions of profit – is what gave us many of the technologies we all use today (Google’s products are prime examples).

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The scene in HK is blossoming and Open Data HK is the first truly cross-disciplinary gathering of people interested in visualising and analysing data.

As citizens, we have a vested interest in knowing how and where our government spend our money. If personal data is stripped out or anonymised, then tech developers, journalists and the general public ought to be able to analyse it. Here is a video about Open Data…

ODHK is a 3-day event next week. Tickets are HK$50. The first night (Tuesday) is an evening for participants to be introduced to each other and pitch project ideas for the weekend. The best projects will be chosen for makers to work on over the following weekend – some will take a matter of hours, others may be developed by multiple teams throughout the two day make-a-thon.

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Many of the teams will be using Raspberry Pis. See the ODHK website for more details.

The gathering will be held at Good Lab, a creative co-working and social space in West Kowloon.