NEWS – CY Leung Caught Lying in TV Interview 2

Activist and share market analyst David Webb has published a video showing CY Leung directly contracting himself in an ATV interview yesterday. Leung denied ever having indicated to host Michael Chugani that he would seek re-election in 2017. However, footage from January 2013 suggests otherwise…

During the interview (in full below), CY Leung read from a copy of the Basic Law and claimed that foreign powers were “obviously” playing a part in the Umbrella movement. However, Leung refused to provide any evidence of foreign interference, a charge which protest organisers have vehemently denied.

NEWS – Damning Footage of Police Misbehaviour in Mong Kok

Videographer Nathan Mauger captured scenes of police misbehaviour over the weekend in Mong Kok. The subtitled footage shows police blindly beating protesters behind umbrellas with batons, as well as evidence of officers obscuring their badge numbers.

The SCMP reported that the issue of police hiding their identification numbers had sparked complaints. One protester estimated that 40% of officers had concealed their numbers on Friday night.

BLOG – New Anti-Occupy Central Ad Appears in the South China Morning Post 13

Rendered in Comic Sans typeface, an anti-Occupy Central advert has appeared today in the South China Morning Post. It was placed by the pro-government ‘Silent Majority’ group (famed for their anti-Occupy video).

south china morning post anti-occupy central

SCMP ad, photo via @LeslieMTang on Twitter.

The ad laments how the government is under ‘tremendous pressure from external forces‘ and a ‘hugely biased and inflammatory media‘. It also, oddly, expresses sympathy with “the massive HK citizens“.