VIDEO – #OccupyHK: a 360° Virtual Reality Documentary

‘Hong Kong Unrest’ is a news documentary filmed in 360 degree video that tells the story of the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The film breaks fresh journalistic ground by providing a news narrative, on a topic of world importance, using live-motion 360-degree video.

WEuZfCe.jpg (772×429)

  • Use the controls at the top right of the embedded video control the camera.
  • Increase the video quality (settings cog at the bottom right) for a better experience.

Hong Kong Unrest was created by Immersivly. The film was shot using six GoPro cameras attached to a pole.

ACTIVISM – Donate to Elis: Justice for the Helper Crushed at Her Agency

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  • 33-year-old Ellis Kurniasih died on March 16th, 2015 five days after being crushed by a 60kg concrete slab at her agency.
  • Conditions at the Sun Light Employment Agency boarding house were said to be “terrible“, according to a Mission for Migrant Workers spokesperson. “Indonesian domestic workers there are said to sleep on the floor with mats and no proper bed. Cooking is done at the rooftop of the said old building. Although there is a lift, they are allegedly made to take the stairs since only tenants and staff are allowed to use the lift.” the spokesperson said.
  • The family are seeking legal advice but Mission for Migrant Workers reports that they are under pressure from the agency and Indonesian authorities to ‘settle’. Donations for the family are therefore welcomed from the public as justice is sought.

via Oriental Daily

NEWS – School Children Lead HK’s Largest Peaceful Protest Against Ivory Trade

An army of about 100 school children from four Hong Kong schools converged Saturday on city’s ivory trade stronghold of Hollywood Road to peacefully protest the rampant trade in elephant ivory. The young activists, ages 10 to 12, held placards and shouted slogans as they called for members of the public to stop buying elephant ivory and for the Hong Kong government to ban the city’s ivory trade.

WildAid supports the actions of these elephant advocates who attend ESF Clearwater Bay School, ESF Kennedy School, ESF West Island School and Canadian International School. According to Save the Elephants, 100,000 African elephants were illegally killed for their ivory tusks between 2010 and 2012 — a crisis fuelled in large part by demand from Hong Kong and China.

EVENT – Where Beer Meets Knowledge: “Raising the Bar” Talks

Raising the Bar, an international NGO aimed at making education a part of a city’s popular culture, will hold its first mass education event in Hong Kong on March 31st.

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Ten top academics from local universities will be giving lectures in bars scattered around Central, Sheung Wan and Soho, on topics from Internet freedom to ethnic tension, fiction writing to community innovation. They include: Avron Boretz (CUHK), Cesar Harada (Goldsmiths), Chan Sze-Chi (BU), Dekai Wu (HKUST), Jason Ng (HKU), Karen Laidler (HKU), Kristof van den Troost (CUHK), Lokman Tsui (CUHK), Puja Kapai (HKU), Xu Xi (CityU)

The aim, like its original New York event, is to bring outstanding higher educators from the ivory tower to a wider community. Venues include the Boom Art Bar, Club 71, Culture Club, Fringe Club, KEE Club, Libertine, Little Lab Central, Orange Peel, Salon No. 10, and Sense 99.