NEWS – HK Solidarity Rallies to be Held in Nine Foreign Cities Today

Hundreds of protesters are expected to join rallies in nine foreign cities today in support of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, organisers say.

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Demonstrations in Canada, the US, Bosnia and Britain are being planned as part of a wider global solidarity movement involving petitions, marches and “Yellow Ribbon Days” in favour of universal suffrage for Hong Kong.

The international events are taking place after a week-long pro-democracy student strike in Hong Kong and ahead of a series of sit-in protests organised by pro-democracy group Occupy Central. Dozens of students remain gathered at government headquarters where protest leader Joshua Wong was arrested last night.

HK LIFE – Taxis & Vans in Hong Kong: All You Need To Know


Taxis in Hong Kong may be booked privately through taxi companies or via third party apps. Below is a comprehensive list of taxi services around the territory…

hong kong taxis

Red Hong Kong Island/Kowloon taxis:

  • Hong Kong Taxi Centre – 2574 7311
  • Taxicom Vehicle Owners Association – 2529 8822
  • Chuen Lee RadioTaxi Association – 2398 1881
  • Hong Kong Taxicab Call Centre – 2186 6866
  • City Taxi O.D. Association Co. Ltd – 2343 3189
  • Fraternity Taxi Owners Association – 2527 6324
  • Royal Motors Taxi Company – 2571 2929
  • Happy Taxi Operator’s Association – 2728 8282
  • Hong Kong & Kowloon Radio Car Owners Association – 2760 0455
  • Hong Kong & Kowloon Rich Radio – 2729 1199
  • Hong Kong Kowloon Taxi & Lorry Owners Association – 2572 0097
  • Pak Kai Taxi Owners Association – 2728 2281
  • Abbo Taxi Owners Association – 2383 0168
  • Rights of Taxi (Si Hai) Telecommunication Center – 2332 2571
  • Sha Tin Taxi Service Association – 2332 2571
  • The Kowloon Taxi Owners Association – 2760 0411
  • The Taxi Operators Association – 2362 2337
  • United Friendship Taxi Owners & Drivers Association – 2760 0477
  • United Radio Taxi & Goods Vehicle Association – 2332 2477
  • Wai Fat Taxi Owners Association – 2861 1008
  • Wai Yik H.K. & Kln. & N.T. Taxi Owners Association – 2776 7885
  • Wing Lee Radio Car Traders Association – 2397 0922
  • Wing Tai Car Owners & Drivers Association – 2527 8524
  • Yik Sun Radiocabs Operators Association – 2394 0111

VIDEO – The Most Pressing Question About Occupy Central: Solved

For months, the pro-democracy movement has been preoccupied with a very pressing conundrum involving a very different kind of movement. Hundreds – perhaps thousands – of activists are preparing to take part in the first Occupy Central protest. They are set to remain in the city’s central business district for hours or days on end, but how will they be expected to relieve themselves?

The police have previously indicated that protesters may be ‘kettled‘ or penned into areas where they may be allowed to leave, but not return. Only two public toilets are available near the Chater Road protest area and Tai previously stated that only 40 mobile toilets had been ordered for the protest. As organisers are set to announce more details about the demonstration on Thursday morning, an unofficial video has emerged offering a DIY solution to those concerned about answering the call of nature whilst fighting for universal suffrage.

MEDIA WATCH – HK Press Fail to Declare Conflicts as Tycoon Owners Meet President Xi 1

Media Watch Hong KongToday’s newspapers are leading with news of how Hong Kong’s wealthy elite are meeting with President Xi Jinping to discuss the city’s political development. Amongst the tycoons being wined and dined in Beijing are the city’s top media owners. However, The Standard, South China Morning Post and Economic Journal would be awarded ‘F’ grades in their Journalistic Ethics 101 classes having failed to declare their conflicts of interest.

The Standard included an editorial and two fluffy news pieces about Xi’s charm offensive. Sing Tao Corporation chair Charles Ho Tsu Kwok was treated to a boxed text to voice his pro-establishment views, yet at no point did any of the four features clarify that The Standard is owned by Sing Tao.

the Standard hong kong