PHOTOGRAPHY – Food Choices on the Hong Kong Poverty Line 11 set out to show what it really means to be poor in different cities around the world. In Hong Kong, 18% of residents live on under HK$44.96 per day – the official poverty line. This photo project showcases what that sum will buy you in the Big Lychee.


The HK government plans to set its first official poverty line in 2013 – it is due this month. The threshold will be decided by a panel of experts at the Commission on Poverty, though it is expected to be set at half of the median household income.

Infographic from ‘Feeding Hong Kong’…

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Sources: Hong Kong Council of Social Services, HK Census and Statistics Department, SOCO, Oxfam HK.

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said that setting a poverty line will ‘help quantify the poverty-stricken population for a focused analysis’… Long-term relief measures are promised after the study is complete.

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Inequality remains at a record high, despite a record surplus…

Infographic by Olivia Rosenman

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