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After hundreds gathered for Hong Kong’s biggest ever International Pillow Fight Day, a dedicated group of community-minded competitors remained on site for over an hour, clearing Chater Garden of the feathery aftermath… (Click here for Part 1: Photos & Coverage.)

Long-suffering onlookers from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department assisted with water and brushes after watching the flash-mob wreck havoc on their patch.

via Nathan Tsui

via Nathan Tsui

For some, it was all too much…

As the fight grabbed headlines around the city and around the world…

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After the event, Hong Wrong learnt that a Red Bull promotional team gatecrashed the strictly non-commercial, community event without getting in touch beforehand. Some presumed they were an official sponsor. One company spokesperson hilariously explained to 48-Hours Magazine that a team of uniformed brand representatives giving out promotional energy drinks “just happened to be nearby” and spotted the pillow fight.

However, today, a different spokesperson took responsibility, apologised and said normally the company gets in touch beforehand. Contact details were posted wherever the event was listed. Red Bull denied knowing the event was non-commercial when asked if it was why the avoided contacting organisers and even claimed their presence was neither ‘commercial’ nor ‘advertising’. When asked if they welcomed other companies to promote themselves at Red Bull’s ‘Flugtag‘ event next month, the spokesperson said that such agreements were negotiated between the two parties. Quite.

Red Bull are hereby challenged to a one-on-one next year.

via Charles Chiho Lo

via Charles Chiho Lo

Footage from Reuters/ITN:

With the pillow fight expanding in size each year, rumour has it the 2015 event will be held at Tamar Park!

Hong Wrong is to blame for the city’s annual Pillow Fight Day every April…

A beady eye on cultural events across the territory…

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