PLACES – Abandoned Villages in HK’s Wild South West: Shek Pik to Tai O

This hike traces the south western coast of Lantau from Shek Pik Reservoir to Tai O.

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It’s a relatively flat hike of around 3-4hrs or 18km.

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Catch bus 11 from Tung Chung, alight after the bridge over the reservoir. Continue from the reservoir for around an hour/5km and take the first trail on the left after the waterfall.

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If you trace the coast, it continues through woods, abandoned villages, old farmland and empty beaches. Fan Lau Tsuen is a ghost village at the mid-point that was once home to 200 people.

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Towards the end of the hike are some abandoned salt plains where you’ll now find mangroves (and a terrible amount of washed-up litter).

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A 30 minute detour takes you to the 300-year old remnants of Fan Lau Fort.

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