PLACES – Lion Rock & Beacon Hill

Lion Rock Country Park is otherwise known as the starting point for the Hung Mui Kuk Nature Trail. It is probably the most convenient hike in Kowloon…

It is accessible by KMB bus – alight at Worldwide Gardens and head under the bridge and up the steps. If arriving by MTR, the starting point is a 10min walk through housing estates from Tai Wai MTR station.

Hung Mui Kuk Barbecue Area is the first stop. The hike is a short, sharp climb where rhesus monkeys are not uncommon.

A steep detour takes us to Amah Rock (Meaning: “the stone that is gazing out for her husband“) which is famous for an accompanying legend. Apparently, a master of a family in a nearby village left his wife and two children to work overseas. His wife climbed to the hill top with the children daily to wait for him, as he did not send any letters home. One day, they became stone columns after a thunderstorm.

All paths lead to a pavilion, at which point, there are several choices. Head straight on towards the city and head directly down to Wang Tau Hom. Head right for the Beacon Hill trail. Head left to take the short, sharp hike up to Lion Rock itself and on to Sha Tin Pass. Upon turning left, bear left again if you wish to skip Lion Rock Peak.

Demolished pillboxes and markers can be seen throughout Lion Rock and Beacon Hill, however the best preserved WWII war relics can be seen in neighbouring Kam Shan Country Park. The marker below points out ‘HQ’ (headquarters), ‘PB’ (pillbox) and catchment. Historians studying the Gin Drinker’s Line have wondered why the British made their outposts so easily navigable by the enemy.

4 thoughts on “PLACES – Lion Rock & Beacon Hill

  • Chris Buckley

    Thanks for this post, it helped me to tackle Amah and Lion rock just yesterday. If I may, a few findings from my own journey.

    On a Sunday, it’s a somewhat busy route. Which was nice as I went alone.

    I am not super-fit (I get 10,000 steps a day and I cycle occasionally although I do smoke) and that first part, the climb to Amah rock, almost killed me! My face went super-red, my heart raced and I was huffing and puffing like crazy. I almost aborted once I reached Amah rock.

    After that, I got used to it and getting to Lion Rock was no problem. The last part is steep but I found the climb to Amah Rock more taxing. So take some breathers if you are like me and listen to your body.

    I drank plenty of fluids, ate well before and had isotonic drinks but still got a post-exercise headache after, I believe because my face was red and I was overheated from the exertion. So please everyone take it easy and I would almost recommend some shorter, easier hikes if you are not yet in shape.

    That said, it’s not that difficult a hike. I saw a lot of people in their 50s and 60s doing this hike. Even saw a couple of three year olds close to the summit!

    Also, Google Maps worked really well for me, I did have a backup compass and map but Google Maps made it really easy. Also, the hardest part for me was finding the starting point. You have to walk up a flyover to reach it. I thought at first this must surely be the wrong way! 🙂

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