POLITICS – Citizens Left to Clean Beaches Still Brimming with Plastic Pellets 8

It has been left to the citizens to clean up the mess left by the plastic pellets spill back in June. 150 tons of snow-like plastic confetti was deposited in Hong Kong waters after a vessel was rocked by category 4 hurricane winds earlier in the year…

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Environmentalist Tracey Read, NatGeo photo by Gary Stokes

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The beads resemble fish eggs, making them a disaster for marine life and the environment…

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Despite most of the pellets being removed by the Marine Department after the spill, tons are still washing up on beaches around the territory – including at Tai Long Wan (Sai Kung), Discovery Bay, Silvermine Bay (Lantau), Cheung Chau and Peng Chau. Locals have resorted to ‘panning’ for plastic…

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Campaigners remain concerned that the pellets may sop up pollutants from the nearby waterways and then be eaten by fish.

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The images on this page were all taken this month and were posted on a Facebook group set up by concerned Hong Kongers.

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The video below from the Sea Shepard Conservation Society shows dead fish on the shore with little white plastic beads in their stomachs.

Some have claimed to have collected up to 13kg of plastic pellets…

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HKcleanup.org have an ongoing ‘Plastic Pellet Patrol’ campaign with regular meet-ups…

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Video below [in Chinese]…

The clean-up continues through till mid-November…

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