VIDEO – Smoking Gun: Police Blindly Beat Peaceful Protesters With Batons

Footage has emerged of police using batons against protesters on Friday who were not posing a threat. A video clip uploaded to Facebook today shows police in Mong Kok – under the supervision of¬†Superintendent Paul Renouf – unfurling red warning banners stating “stop charging or we will use force”. Protesters – some huddled behind umbrellas – had their hands up and were not charging police lines.

More footage of police misbehaviour on Friday and Saturday can be viewed here. Photos here.

Superintendent Paul Renouf 2 weeks ago.

The Vine below shows the same group of police charging into a crowd of passive protesters once more at 11:20pm on Friday.

The footage contradicts claims made at police press conferences that the use of batons and pepper spray was triggered by protesters charging police lines.