VIDEO – 20-min ‘Sleeping Dogs’ Police Chase Ends in Arrest

Next Media obtained footage of a police chase shot from an undercover Hong Kong cop car. The 33-year-old driver was trying to avoid paying a fine and was chased for 20 minutes after an automatic license plate recognition system alerted police.

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via Apple Daily

His driving licence was revoked over a decade ago for failing to pay traffic penalties.

In the video, an officer can be heard calling for back-up and shouting at the perpetrator get out of his car, as the chase continued through the New Territories at over 100mph…

The driver was finally intercepted at a dead-end road in Sha Tin.

The footage has been compared to Sleeping Dogs and Grand Theft Auto by netizens.

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As the dash-cam video compilation below shows, it is rare that such drama unfolds on Hong Kong roads. However, carelessness and near-misses are far from uncommon…

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