NEWS – Damning Footage of Police Misbehaviour in Mong Kok

Videographer Nathan Mauger captured scenes of police misbehaviour over the weekend in Mong Kok. The subtitled footage shows police blindly beating protesters behind umbrellas with batons, as well as evidence of officers obscuring their badge numbers.

The SCMP reported that the issue of police hiding their identification numbers had sparked complaints. One protester estimated that 40% of officers had concealed their numbers on Friday night.

Hong Wrong witnessed police burst into action on Friday during a relatively calm scene, beating back protesters with batons – none of whom were charging. The photos below were taken seconds apart.

This line of police officers in riot gear were under the supervision of Superintendent Paul Renouf (pictured above in white).

Later, the same group of officers pepper-sprayed Oriental Daily journalist Ronson Chan at close range. Chan was protecting a female colleague. The incident took place within the police/media area.

On Saturday, the first aid station in Mong Kok responded to 13 injuries – 7 of which were head injuries.

More footage from Friday’s unrest by Nathan Mauger and Reuters below.


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