BLOG – Creative Hong Kongers Flood Student Strike ‘Snitch’ Hotline With Prank Calls 2

Creative Hong Kongers have been flooding the student ‘snitch’ hotline with prank calls. The hotline number has appeared on local forums and social media with netizens claiming it is for fast food delivery, for iPhone 6 pre-orders or the number for a suicide prevention helpline.

Robert Chow's 'snitch' hotline

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Some pranksters have used Android redial apps and forwarding services to ensure the number is constantly engaged, whilst one caller reported a student named ‘Harry Porter’.

Apple Daily reports that some 2000 voice messages were received within first few hours of the number being announced. Chow has since contacted police saying the flood of calls was “more terrifying than ‘white terror'”. 

iPhone 6 Pre-order line

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On Monday, the pro-government Alliance for Peace and Democracy set up the hotline to discourage students from ‘breaking the law’, despite the fact that class boycotts are not illegal.

Robert Chow

Robert Chow quoted earlier this week.

Convener Robert Chow has come under criticism for the move, which has echoes of the cultural revolution and may break privacy rules.

Robert Chow

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Meanwhile, Hemlock of the Big Lychee blog has hailed Chow as ‘Creep of the Year’.

Buddhist Sin Tak College, Hong Kong

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However, there has also been ‘trolling’ on the pro-Beijing side.

The website of one school, where students have pledged to take part in the week-long strike, was apparently hacked yesterday after the principal criticised Chow’s campaign. The site was briefly replaced with the text “long live the CCP“, though is now back online.

ls07cY0.png (544×211)

Buddhist Sin Tak College is also home to one of the Occupy Central movement’s youngest activists.

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