HISTORY – Newly Unearthed Photos of 1950s Hong Kong 15

Below is a previously unseen set of Eastman Mounted Slides depicting scenes from 1950s Hong Kong including Nathan Road, the Peninsula and the old TST Kowloon-Canton Railway Station. Reproduced with kind permission from Redditor kmallon12.

5pAEOl.jpg (640×427)

The Peninsula

GEJBOl.jpg (640×427)

XZbItl.jpg (640×427)

Carnarvon Rd Shopping Centre

WHhUjl.jpg (640×427)

DKweUl.jpg (640×427)

Resettlement area

KcqRyl.jpg (640×427)

vsOnKl.jpg (640×427)

Star Ferry & Bus Station, Tsim Sha Tsui

JnWsUl.jpg (640×427)

LgGM0l.jpg (640×427)

7W4DWl.jpg (640×427)

Kai Tak Airport

iUBr5l.jpg (640×427)

eZWD0l.jpg (640×427)

ZV0r5l.jpg (640×427)

788OMl.jpg (640×427)

Chinese Tea House

IikVMl.jpg (640×427)

Jordan Road, Kowloon

7N1i6l.jpg (640×427)

Nathan Road

piOawl.jpg (427×640)

msgg1l.jpg (427×640)



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