VIDEO – Video Allegedly Shows Seven HK Police Officers Beating Arrested Protester 9

TVB have aired footage allegedly showing seven police officers kicking and punching a handcuffed protester after they were arrested. The protester was Ken Tsang – a Civic Party activist and social worker. The beating, in a dark corner of Tamar Park, lasted four minutes. Netizens have attempted to identify the officers involved as Security Chief Lai Tung-kwok says all of officers have been ‘reassigned’.

Click here for a clearer version of the video. In a statement, police said they will investigate the incident:

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In 2012, Tsang was ejected from Chief Executive CY Leung’s inauguration ceremony.

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The full TVB piece:

Appeal below via Occupy Central & human rights lawyer Michael Vidler.

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Hotline for witnesses or victims of police excessive force / abuse during the occupy demonstrations: 91677091.

於學生、市民和平示威活動中,目擊警察使用過份暴力或濫用職權的人仕或受害者,請電法律支援熱線  91677091.

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9 thoughts on “VIDEO – Video Allegedly Shows Seven HK Police Officers Beating Arrested Protester

  • Paul Christensen


    I just got home after being bailed about 19 hours after being arrested on Lung Wo Road.

    Whilst not in any way denying that what appears to have happened to Ken is totally unacceptable, as I looked around the group of 40 or so of us today, there were certainly several others who appeared more physically battered. To be honest, whilst he was clearly “roughed up” a little, it was far from what would, in the UK, be called “a good kicking”. And I hear from others that he did perhaps pour liquid (urine?) on police officers before this happened. That’s hearsay though, and he certainly didn’t mention it in the many boring hours that we were waiting for the police bureaucracy to grind through. But then again he was immediately lawyered up with Tania Chan and Michael Vidler, so I guess he had the script off pat, even to other arrestees,

    Personally I guess I benefitted from “gwailo syndrome” – not even pushed to the ground, and all I have to show for it is a very minor bruise on one upper arm!

    But still, that’s the first time in 51 years that I’ve been arrested, and I’m happy that it was in a pretty good cause,

  • TomV

    Interesting story.
    Were you the only gwailo arrested?
    And how much was the bail?
    I now realize that you talk to the other Tom but hey, the questions remain.

  • Brad

    It was definitely water, I was standing right next to the guy. I have worked with urine for years, I know exactly what it looks and smells like.

  • Timothy Tan

    There was a video showing him throwing a liquid over the police. Given the police reaction, I think it was urine. If so, he deserved to be beaten.

  • Paul Christensen

    Yes I was, or at least I didn’t see any other gwailos as we we held in Wong Chuk Hang and then North Point police station.

    Bail is nominally $500, but on my own recognisance, meaning that no cash payment was necessary – they’ll just come after me for $500 if I fail to turn up at Central Police Station on the 14th of November.