“NEWS” – New Hong Kong Racial Harmony Worksheet Emerges 10

It's satire, morons

It’s satire, morons

Breaking News Bullshit from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: The Sub-Standard has obtained a sample of another Hong Kong government approved worksheet. The multicultural studies task below comes hours after a picture of a questionable primary 4 ‘racial harmony’ activity went viral amongst local netizens.

Racist worksheet parody

Breaking news bullshit from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard (it’s satire, morons)…


  • Jiku Zeon

    Mainland Chinese isnt really a minority group here given the large number of tourists here.

  • yabang ninyo…………

  • buang…………

  • tarantado……………

  • Sohai

    Oh, the irony. The curriculum is “multiculturalism” when they teach kids racial discrimination.

    • Joseph Lau

      I don’t see any discrimination, all I see is the author trying his best to depict the reality.

  • Douglas Kwong

    they are excluded from the census because if you do, you will have to consider them as residents and do everything the gov’t did to you and me on them.

  • Kaye

    I am Chinese, I am a drug lord in the Philippines

  • Tom

    This is satire! The original, real story is at: http://hongwrong.com/hong-kong-textbook/

  • Kaye

    I am Chinese, I am a drug lord in the Philippines