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On Sunday, the famous Greenpeace ship ‘Rainbow Warrior III’ docked in Kennedy Town…

Public tours took place on Sunday only, as crowds waited up to four hours to be escorted around the ship by volunteers and meet Chief Mate Pep Barbal.

The ship is a fast, purpose-built motor-assisted sailing yacht used for environmental protests and scientific excursions.

Christened in October 2011, she replaced Rainbow Warrior II after the boat, built in 1957, became obsolete.

Built in Germany, she has state of the art facilities including advanced, secure telecommunications equipment, specialised scientific gear and even a helicopter landing pad.

It is designed to be one of the greenest ships afloat, running mostly on wind power with a 55m mast and 1255sq metre sail.

The 855 tonne ship can store up to 59 cubic metres of greywater and black water, avoiding disposal at sea.

All materials, including the insulation and paintwork, were chosen with sustainability and ethical sourcing in mind.

It was mostly funded through crowd sourcing, with 100,000 donations collected from around the world.

The original first Rainbow Warrior was built in 1955 and was bombed by the French government. Two explosive devices were attached to the hull by French intelligence services in 1985…

…A murder enquiry followed after on-board photographer Fernando Pereira was killed in the second explosion. Under international pressure, France paid compensation of US$8.1 million to Greenpeace, admitting wrongdoing and a cover-up…

Today’s incarnation can accommodate a crew of 30, though usually operates with a crew of half that.

 “The Hong Kong stop is the first stop of it’s Asia tour. It is here to promote saving the climate, saving energy and to promote the use of clean energy” said Greenpeace communications manager Fanny Lee.

“It is one of the three campaign ships Greenpeace has… Its next stop will be Korea then to Taiwan to campaign against nuclear power,” Lee said.

Read more about Rainbow Warrior III on the Greenpeace website.

Watch a half-hour documentary on the new ship here or learn more about the sinking of the first ship here.

Make a tax-deductible donation to HK Greenpeace…

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