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Translations courtesy of Ellie Ng.

Pro-Beijing politician Regina Ip has removed a controversial column from her blog and Facebook related to the sex lives of domestic workers. In the piece, also printed in Ming Pao, she decried the international media for “exaggerating” the Erwiana abuse case and made reference to the recent suicide of a teenager.

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“International media have yet to report on the abnormal relationships, or even sexual exploitation, between some foreigners and domestic helpers living in Hong Kong,” Ip wrote.

In the article Ip lamented that, in her previous role as secretary for security, it would have been “extremely difficult” to regulate against Filipino helpers seducing their employer’s husbands in Hong Kong:

“…there are many cases of foreign employers and Filipino domestic helpers having sexual relationships. During my time as the Secretary of the Security Bureau, I have received complaints from a group of foreign women living in Discovery Bay that the government allows Filipino domestic helpers to seduce their husbands. But my reply at that time was that it is extremely difficult to carry out regulation under existing laws, and that I am afraid we could not do much to help. A few foreign friends of mine who live in Discovery Bay have also told me that they have heard of many families that fell apart because the male residents had ambiguous relationships with their Filipino domestic helpers.”

Ip, who is Chairwoman of the New People’s Party, went on to say:

“…it is understandable that a weak woman, who has travelled all the way to work in a foreign place with no familial connections – and who might need to feed the old and young in her family – would accept the good will of a boyfriend or employer to take care of her”

She also made reference to the recent suicide of a teenage girl whose mother was a domestic worker residing in Hong Kong unlawfully with a British man. On the day of the girl’s funeral, Ip used the example to draw attention to how the father was allegedly sheltering an illegal immigrant and failing to send his daughters to school.

Ip concluded, “I think that besides reporting on the misconducts of Hong Kong employers, shouldn’t international media also pay more attention to the issue of a large number of Filipino domestic helpers being turned into sexual resources of male foreigners?”

Regina Ip, domestic workers

The original post, before it was deleted

Update: In response to the article, the Civic Party’s Claudia Mo sent a complaint to the Equal Opportunities Commission. In it, she said the following:

“I personally think that [Ip’s] statement is extremely inappropriate as it seems to deliberately label Filipino domestic helpers as sex workers and accusing them of frequently committing immoral behaviours in Hong Kong. Her statement might have violated the Race Discrimination Ordinance. As an Executive Council member and legislator, Ms. Ip should be mindful of her speech and action. Her racially discriminatory statement has severely damaged the ethnic harmony in Hong Kong.”
Mo asked York Chow, Chairman of EOC, to “investigate into the matters immediately.”

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Update: Regina Ip responds to Hong Wrong’s enquiries:

“The infographics done by a staff was offensive and misleading so I had it deleted. There were some slight inaccuracies in my article but no discrimination against foreign domestic helpers were intended… I meant no discrimination was intended.”



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10 thoughts on “HELPERS – Regina Ip Deletes Column Condemning Sexual Behaviour of Filipino Helpers

  • TomV

    That woman Ip should be sooooo ashamed of herself. Really.
    And I love it how she wired money to this scammer. Nuthead.

  • Toby Pang

    Last time I checked there isn’t any law forbidding domestic helpers from having sex with employers, or anyone they like. Did Regina Ip’s helper sucked her husband dick in front of her? That’s only reason to explain why she can get so nonsense.

  • gloria chan

    What about the men who slept with these women? Were they forced? It takes two to cheat. How can she criminalize the women and not the men. Not only is she racist, she’s sexist too. Why does she represent hong Kong again? She clearly has no idea there are a myriad of faces to every situation and as a person of power she should report them all. People need to know with great power comes responsibility. Will the people of Hong Kong wake up and see that? Or are they just going to stand by and let what once was a great city fall apart.

  • gloria chan

    She should write an article titled “Why are men sleeping with their Filipino maids?” As employers, people in authoritative positions, they should know better. You have families, wives… don’t blame other people for your weaknesses. These wives should know better too. Why are they complaining to some government official about changing the law? Clearly they should spend more time interacting with their employees.

  • kevin locke

    Well,it’s offensive. But we should not neglect the fact that it is true. Feel free to call me names for the sole reason that I am just acknowledging a fact. Hong Kong people should know by now how valuable the resident status they are taking for granted. A poverty stricken country with no direction is a big contrast to Hong Kong’s wealth and life can be changed with with the simple cheap tactics of honey-trapping. Apparently, looks don’t count much nowadays when you combine male libido with morally-deficit leg spreading.

  • rapidhk

    I view this narrow minded approach, It is none of our concern how sexual behaviours there are many reasons that can contribute to odd behaviours, simply speaking about that with condemnation and without even a simple analysis is ethically questionable. HK loves JP culture yet have you ever questioned JP’s sexual behaviours on and off its own country? I think this is just ludicrous…

  • John

    It takes two to make sex, how about some condemnation of the other side of the relationship? Oh, I forgot, they will be more likely Chinese. We must not make any criticism of them, they have to hold their heads up high so all the fault will be these ruthless women who come to seduce them! These officials should be kicked out of office if that is their mentality! Stupid people!!

  • mikka

    Ms. Ip is an old ugly bitch whose husband may have an affair with a filipina thus her hatred for them…unlike hongkong women who are ugly, filipinas are beautiful that’s why hongkong males and expats are easily attracted to them…

  • Kayzee

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