BLOG – “Say No To Dirty Cops” Campaign Attracts 11k ‘Fans’ 2

A new Facebook page entitled “Say No To Dirty Cops” is proving popular among Hong Kong netizens.

Say No To Dirty Cops

The page, which has over 11,000 ‘likes’, urges pro-democracy Occupy supporters to not date police officers.

Anonymous women holding signs with slogans such as “Go fuck yourself dirty cops” have attracted thousands of comments and shares.

During the Umbrella Movement, police were criticised for using excessive force and after TVB aired footage of officers beating Civic Party activist Ken Tsang.

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2 thoughts on “BLOG – “Say No To Dirty Cops” Campaign Attracts 11k ‘Fans’

  • Paul Christensen

    Forgive me if I’ve got this wrong, but is this really anything to do with Occupy? My feeling is that it’s a response to the recent case of the officer who was convicted of indecent assault of a doctor charged with shoplifting, which is a completely separate matter.