POLITICS – Full Lowdown: Election Aftermath. Protests Continue, Albert Ho Quits & Racist Candidate Loses 4

Click here and here for the full lowdown on the Scholarism anti-National Education protests. Scholarism’s latest statement is at the bottom of this page.

As the international news misreported CY Leung’s supposed ‘withdrawal’ of HK’s National Education farce, Hong Kongers went to the polls in record numbers (a 53% turnout) after months of protest.

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A class boycott planned for tomorrow will go ahead, it was announced today. Their Facebook events invites protesters to gather once more at 2pm. With a handful of schools already implementing the ‘patriotism classes’ (and those funded by the University Grants Committee or under the School-based Management Programme exempt from ‘opting out’), there was no sign of the programme actually being cancelled. Only the 2015 deadline for implementation was shelved in Leung’s last-minute announcement on the eve of Sunday’s election.

Expect National Education classes to rear their head again under a different name or guise. Within a few years, it will be ‘highly recommended’ that schools adopt them – within time, it will become compulsory. It seems the government has opted for ‘creeping normalcy‘ instead of trying to hammer it through in one go. Death by a thousand cuts, unless, of course, they try to crowbar it into other subjects.

Here is an HK Magazine interview with the heroic and eloquent Joshua Wong – the 15-year-old behind the mass protests…

Lamma Island yesterday

Lamma Island yesterday

Readers may check who won the elections in their district here.

Hemlock sees this as a win for the pan-Democrats though the SCMP says both camps benefited. Al-Jazeera has a thoughtful analysis by Marga Ortigas.

Albert Ho, one-time Chief Executive candidate and leader of the Democratic Party, has quit amidst losses. The Democrat camp overall has maintained its veto power.

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Below are some shots from Saturday night…

Below is Reuters report from the weekend…

George Chen on Twitter asked ‘what happened to today’s A1 in many HK newspapers?’… On election day, pro-Beijing parties had ‘bought out’ most of the front pages. Apple Daily and the SCMP were exceptions. The text reads ‘Hong Kong needs development’ and ‘Hong Kong needs stability’…

A Reddit.com user quipped that the pro-establishment parties could’ve just gone ‘full Orwell’…

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Happily, racist Kowloon West candidate Lam Yi-Lai came last her constituency yet again, with a mere 859 votes. This year she called for domestic maids to be stripped of their public holidays, as Chinese New Year is ‘not meaningful‘ to them. After the Manila Bus Crisis, she called for Hong Kongers to sack their Filipino maids. She is under investigation now that the anti-discrimination ordinance is in force and has previous convictions for submitting a false report about sexual harassment.

Translation of their terrifying campaign photo: ‘Vote for us or Au Wing Ho will come over and fuck you up’.

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Meanwhile, pro-Beijing Starry Lee Wai-king came under fire for allegedly telling voters on election day that Trade Unions candidate Chan Yuen-han “had already won”, so they should vote for other candidates instead. She is pictured below with bizarre ‘epic facelift woman’ and wife of cringe-worthy celebrity lawyer/legislator Paul Tse, Pamela Peck – who is also scandal-ridden and was previously imprisoned for tax evasion.

CUHKFAA Chan Chun Hai Secondary School are unified in their opinion…

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Finally, below is the promised translation of the Scholarism’s statement after the hunger strikes were called off on Saturday night…

Civil Alliance Against National Education’s Statement on Ending Hunger Strike
and Occupation of Central Government Office

– Government’s announcement shifts the responsibility for the subject onto schools

– Schools are susceptible to pressure from the government because of funding and external evaluations among other considerations

– C.Y.Leung warned people “not to interfere” with the implementation of the subject in individual schools but it is the government that has the most capacity to “interfere”

– The guidelines are only being “reviewed and revised”; no details on who and how this process will be carried out or what the timeline is

The Civil Alliance Against National Education said people power had forced the government to make concessions on the Moral and National Education Curriculum and described it as a partial victory for the people and for the movement against National Education.

Since Scholarism launched a hunger strike outside the Central Government Office (CGO) on August 30, an accumulated total of 286,000 people have taken part in protests at “Civic Square” over ten days.

Executive Leung Chun-ying announced amendments to the government’s policy: scrapping of the three year initiation period, promising not to mandate the curriculum as an independent subject within the term of this government, serious concerns remain.

The fact is the government is still only saying the curriculum guidelines will be reviewed and revised. We call for the withdrawal of the guidelines and for comprehensive consultations to be launched.

We urge the public to remain vigilant because a number of aspects of the government’s position remain unclear. The devil is in the detail. The alliance and other groups will continue to resist on various fronts and continue the struggle against national education.

The alliance called off the hunger strike and occupation of CGO at 01.30 this morning. We understand some members of the public wish to continue their resistance by remaining at the square. However, we stress that “The Square is Everwhere!” . The movement has already awakened many people to the problem of national education.

A quarter of  primary and secondary schools have already formed alumni and parents’ concern groups to monitor the implementation of national education in schools, and organize petitions.

We disagree with Leung Chun-ying’s fake withdrawal and need public support in the days ahead to build more Civic Squares in our communities and schools.

The alliance wholeheartedly thanks people from all sectors who have worked so hard for this campaign, especially those hunger strikers who put their health on the line, and the medical personnel who cared for them around the clock.

We firmly oppose national education , and will continue to call for a complete withdrawal.

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