INTERVIEW – Activist Shane Claiborne Reacts to HK’s Anti-LGBT Christian Movement 1

no FilterMeet the ‘ordinary radical’ and ‘good extremist’ Shane Claiborne.

A religious activist and author, Shane is as respected as he is controversial amongst even his own Christian community. He has gone out of his way to apologise to non-believers on behalf of ‘bad Christianity’, he spent time in Iraq during the initial 2003 US bombing, he has (literally) turned guns into gardening tools and was once prosecuted for feeding the homeless. His advocacy for a more embracing ‘Jesus-like’ Christianity has won him fans amongst even the most hardened agnostics.

Last week, Claiborne was in Hong Kong for the Justice Conference. He spoke of his activism to Hong Wrong and reacted to the city’s spate of anti-LGBT protests and Christian International School’s homophobic recruitment policies.

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Follow him on Twitter, buy his book The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical or read about other ‘Jesus-like’ Christians in the book Divine Rebels: American Christian Activists for Social Justice by Deena Guzder.

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