BLOG – Pics/Video: Container Ship Runs Aground in Pokfulam 2

A 31,730 tonne German container ship named ‘Hansa Constitution’ ran aground today in Pokfulam. Local resident Corrine Vigniel captured the moment…

James Daly also filmed the incident from another angle.

Hansa Constitution runs aground

The 17-year-old cargo vessel failed to complete at U-Turn and ended up running aground at Sandy Bay…

German container ship, Hong Kong

via George Chen on Twitter

There were no reports of a hull breach or causalities aboard the ship which left Jiang Yin yesterday en route to Shenzhen.

Hansa Constitution in Hong Kong

via Georgia McCafferty

A report was made to the police at 3:24pm, hours before the Observatory hoisted a ‘strong monsoon signal’ at 6:45pm.

Ship Runs Aground in Hong Kong

via Christopher Dillon on Twitter.

Earlier this year, a Vietnamese vessel ran aground off Cheung Chau, where it remains now, half-submerged.

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