BLOG – ‘Professional’ Smuggling Tunnel Linking HK to China Discovered

Border officials have uncovered a ‘professional’ 40-metre underground smuggling tunnel linking Hong Kong to the mainland…

The tunnel was complete with lighting, pulleys, air vents and a rail track. A government website in China said that the passage had “one end in a rented garage in Shenzhen and another in a thicket of reeds in Hong Kong, totally concealed… it was dug in a totally professional way.” 

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By assessing its design, mainland authorities believe the passageway was built in order to import phones, hard drives, tablet computers and luxury goods. It measured a metre in height and 0.8 metres in width – just enough for an adult to crawl through.

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via Reuters

The project was estimated to have cost almost half-a-million US dollars, taking around four months to construct. Officials became aware of it after nearby residents complained of drilling noises.

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They found cement, mining drills and several pumps at the Shenzhen site, which was surrounded by barbed wire. It appeared to be incomplete as it stopped around 20-metres from its probable destination.

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The Shenzhen garage was rented under a fake name though the police have arrested a man and the tunnel has been destroyed.

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