ACTIVISM – Preview of Today’s Hong Kong ‘Support Snowden’ Rally (Part 1 of 4) 11

Preview below, as part of our four-part coverage of the event… See also:

Today at 3pm, hundreds will gather at Chater Garden (exit J2, Central)  in support of Edward Snowden. Over 15,000 have been invited online with 600+ confirmed. The world’s media will cover the event live. An unprecedented 28 groups are now on board – a diverse and unified showing of concerned Hong Kongers. 6 speakers are confirmed, half of whom are serving LEGCO members, and we’ll be rallying at three key locations in the heart of the city this afternoon…

Preparations at the InMedia HQ took place last night – we have some whistles, waterproof placards and decorated umbrellas but please bring your own. This afternoon, we will all be whistleblowers! You can download placards here and be sure to join us, even if it rains. (Especially if it rains!).

This show of solidarity will only fail if attendees expect others to come and stay home! If you care about privacy and want Hong Kong to live up to Snowden’s expectations as a city with a “spirited commitment to free speech and the right of political dissent”, then let’s join together and prove him right… He says that he trusts HK people and courts with his fate, so we must apply pressure to the HK government today to respect the rule of law and not immediately extradite him (as they did a Libyan dissident last year, who was then tortured).

Shortly after 3pm, we will introduce the first speaker – Ip Lam Chong of InMedia will address the implications for our city regarding Snowden. Next, Albert Ho – the Democratic challenger in last year’s elections and director of Tiananmen vigil organiser the HK Alliance – will speak about the importance of this case for HK’s future. Each guest will speak for 10-minutes.

At the US Consulate, we will hear from LEGCO member Charles Mok who will speak on the right to communicate safely online and freedom of expression.

Leung Kwok-hung (‘Long Hair’) is also an unconfirmed speaker at the Consulate. From there, we will move on to Admiralty, Tamar Site to convene at HK Government Headquarters…

Download our letters to the US Consulate and HK Gov’t…

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One user on Reddit has the right idea for this soggy Saturday…

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…and our secret weapon, Oiwan Lam of InMedia, ensures that it won’t rain on our parade…

Some of the rally press coverage over the past few days: ABC News (USA)Al-JazeeraThe StandardSing TaoSCMPSCMP pollThe Guardian, Daily Dot, interview with ABC AustraliaAFP (reproduced in many outlets e.g. Channel News Asia, Pakistan Daily Times, Fox News, Bloomberg etc…). Event tweets from Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein.

Today, BBC World, CNN, local TVB and most other international news channels will go live from, or carry, our rally. Watch BBC World here.

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Below, the InMedia cat does some final proofreading…

Click here for more on the event, or visit or follow live updates on the dedicated Twitter feed.


Rally tag: #snowdenhk Live updates on Twitter here.
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Download placards or make your own…

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