VIDEO – Snowden Hong Kong: The Movie

With Snowden gone, local media-types have been left without purpose, sobbing into their milk teas whilst struggling to recall what life was like before HK was at the centre of the world. But grab the popcorn, folks, as ‘Snowden HK: The Movie’ has just been leaked on the interwebs. A local collaboration between J.Shot and Fallout Media x Immortal Peach, the 5-minute short film features a remarkably well casted Snowden-a-like, Andrew Cromeek. (However, their depiction of the SCMP office is clearly inaccurate)…

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For those still mourning the whistleblower’s departure, you can relive Hong Wrong’s front-line coverage of HK’s uprising here…

And don’t miss our satirical piece, ‘Eddie Snowden ‘Dreadful to Live With’ says Relieved Safehouse Flatmate’.

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