BLOG – Pictures & Videos from Hong Kong’s Stormageddon

Hong Kong’s social media has been alight with photos and videos from the ‘black rain’.


via @ChrissyBabyHK

A compilation of video clips to unnecessarily dramatic musical accompaniment:

Last night, Festival Walk’s roof failed under the storm…

W3pOIyv.png (646×614)

…though some families would be damned if was going to interrupt their meal…

via @HKallies

via @HKallies

The Observatory noted that lightening had struck Hong Kong  a total of 8,703 times yesterday.

via Hong Kong Observatory

via Hong Kong Observatory

via Sandra Chan

via Sandra Chan

Golf ball-sized hailstones pelted the territory…

zrg5ePUl.jpg (563×640)

…which some saw as an opportunity…

via 馬子晉

via 馬子晉

Kowloon Tong MTR was also affected…


via @mtrupdate

…and within hours, photoshopped images were going viral…

Containers collapsed at Kwai Chung’s port…

via SCMP

via SCMP

Revellers at the Rugby 7s escaped the worse of the bad weather…

via @JamesPorteous

Sunday evening, via @JamesPorteous

…as the New Zealand team took it in their stride…

viai AFP

viai AFP

…and some fans embraced it in Lan Kwai Fong…

Even MTR carriages offered little protection from the elements:

5x4cvH8.jpg (640×360)

The best tweet of the evening…

Meanwhile, Hong Wrong can reveal that a HK-bound Dragonair flight from Shanghai was diverted to Shenzhen during the storm, only for the passengers to be stranded on the plane throughout the night without any supplies. They were finally allowed to disembark at 7am this morning.

Shenzhen airport

Shenzhen airport, via Wikicommons

The Hong Kong Observatory predicts further doom and gloom throughout the week.

Iz6aDiw.png (573×123)

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