PHOTOGRAPHY – Sarah Choi’s Serendipitous Hong Kong Street Colours [Part 1]

Sarah Choi is an award-winning photographer from South Korea.

She currently works as a branch manager for a Korean textile company in Hong Kong.

Sarah has been in the city for almost ten years and began shooting street scenes in 2013.

“One day I found that there is a kind of connection which I can’t explain between the people and the surroundings in the street. It’s like a conversation without sound.” she told Hong Wrong.

“I try to catch the best moment of that connection and try to develop new sound with my photography, like music which has a rhythm.”

She says her photography is candid, unplanned and devoid of false emotion.

“To enhance the imagination, I love to design the framing or angle to make a new vision.”

She says that she enjoys observing the harmony of colours with her subjects. “I love the colours in the street – colours give us a lot of feelings of presence. Colours can be seen as beauty faster than composition sometimes, it’s that strong.”

“Hong Kong has so many beautiful colours… like traditional and modern, vibrant and faded, simple and precise. I hope to keep finding more colours in Hong Kong to share.”

Since taking up street photography, Sarah believes there is an endless learning curve.


Sarah Choi photographerVisit Sarah’s Choi’s portfolio.

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