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Students have been meeting throughout the week to discuss ‘strike’ action as part of the pro-democracy Occupy Central protests. Earlier today, the Hong Kong Federation of Students said a possible week-long walk-out on September 22nd would be their ‘last warning’ if Beijing refuses to budge over its restrictive model for universal suffrage.

Meanwhile, some students attended a protest training session which included an opportunity to experience water canon…

Joshua Wong of the ‘Scholarism’ student movement has also called for secondary school pupils to strike.

hong kong universities.

Most universities have suggested they will accommodate those wishing to participate in the upcoming civil disobedience demonstrations.

At least 18 professors have promised to organise public ‘teach-ins’, where subjects such as constitution law, activism and civil disobedience will be discussed. Other professors have pledged to put on extra classes or film their lectures to help students catch up.

via Twitter

via Twitter

Students at Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University, the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Hong Kong Polytechnic University have been told that they can apply for personal leave to participate in social movements.

Student leader Joshua Wong

Student leader Joshua Wong of ‘Scholarism’. Via Matthew Torne

City University and Lingnan University students may discuss alternative class arrangements with their department. Students from Baptist University, Hong Kong Shue Yan University and Hang Seng Management College students have been told that those who are absent without prior approval may not be allowed to sit final exams.

Open University students have been discouraged from attending and told they may be punished.

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More news on the Hong Wrong MegaIndex

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One thought on “NEWS – Thousands of Hong Kong Students Free to ‘Strike’ for Democracy

  • odaiwai

    Meanwhile, Robert Chow’s bunch want to turn everyone into informants

    It says it may name institutions that are reported to have students planning to take part in such protests, because parents and schools should know if students are putting their future or safety at risk.

    No chilling effect here, no sir.