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SubmissionsThere is a deficit of unfiltered English-language criticism and analysis in Hong Kong and this blog is happy to fill the gap.

  • If you are a local reporter that has had a story spiked/killed, please contact the blog. We can discuss how best to get the story out whilst protecting your job.
  • If you are a citizen or advocacy journalist with an interest in local politics, activism or news, get in touch if you would like to use the site as a platform for your work.
  • If you are a reader with a story to tell or a leak/tip-off to share, or an artist/photographer interested in showcasing your work, please contact the blog.

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PGP – Pretty Good Privacy – encryption is a secure and confidential way to send messages by email. At our end, we use some of the anonymising technology (such as the Tor network and the Tails operating system) which journalists working on the Snowden files used.

Follow these instructions and use Tails to encrypt your message with PGP, but do not email to us. Instead, use the built-in Tor browser within Tails to navigate to this page. Then paste your excrypted text into the box below and click ‘send’. If done correctly, your confidentiality is assured, but is still sent at your own risk.

Hong Wrong’s PGP public key. Fingerprint:

34EA EEEB D397 8D43 4530
EFDB 2537 F511 1ED1 2469

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