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PLACES – Shing Mun Redoubt, HK’s Secret WWII Tunnels 16

The remains of an extensive British military defensive line used against the Japanese stretch for 18km loosely tracing the border between Kowloon and the New Territories. The ‘Gin-Drinkers Line’ took 2 years to build and fell after just 2 days during the Battle of Hong Kong in December 1941. The deep defensive tunnels with ventilation shafts and observation points were named after London streets to make life easier – and more familiar – for the British soldiers based there.

If you’re happy to ignore the very real risk of a rogue rhesus macaque ripping one’s face off, many are still intact and can be walked through…

HISTORY – Inside Central’s Abandoned Prison & Police Station, Hollywood Road 9

The old Central Police Station, Victoria Prison and the Central Magistracy are declared monuments located on Hollywood Road, Central. Originally developed in 1864, new blocks were added between 1910 and 1925. The Police Headquarters themselves were constructed in 1919. Below are some exclusive photos of what remains…

During World War II, the prison was occupied by the Japanese and most of the buildings were damaged by bombing. The prison was re-opened for use in 1946 after restoration…

PLACES – Exploring the Abandoned ‘Haunted’ TV Studios in Ho Chung (Photos + Video) 30

Before ‘Made in China’, there was ‘Made in Taiwan’ and before that, cheap toys, electronics and textiles poured out of Hong Kong. For a city short on space, there are still hundreds of huge, abandoned factories scattered around the New Territories and suburban areas of Kowloon and HK Island.

In Ho Chung, near Sai Kung Town, a multi-storey dying factory was converted into TV studios for local broadcaster ATV. Vacated in the 2000s, this huge urban space is now being reclaimed by nature (and graffiti artists). The site, next to Che Kung Temple, is surrounded by walls and fencing but is often used by photographers and is said to be haunted.

Click to enlarge the panoramic images below. Scroll down a little for an HD video.

PLACES – Abandoned Villages in HK’s Wild South West: Shek Pik to Tai O 11

This hike traces the south western coast of Lantau from Shek Pik Reservoir to Tai O.

98Gn2l.jpg (640×358)

It’s a relatively flat hike of around 3-4hrs or 18km.

VLGRrl.jpg (640×358)

Catch bus 11 from Tung Chung, alight after the bridge over the reservoir. Continue from the reservoir for around an hour/5km and take the first trail on the left after the waterfall.

arIPPl.jpg (640×358)

If you trace the coast, it continues through woods, abandoned villages, old farmland and empty beaches. Fan Lau Tsuen is a ghost village at the mid-point that was once home to 200 people.