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EVENTS – Free Anthropology Talk: ‘Internet Sex & Erotic Self-Display in HK’

Anthropology Club is on this coming Thursday, 7pm, at the TST History Museum. The monthly lectures are free – details and this subject below…

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Internet Sex and Erotic Self-Display in Hong Kong – An Anthropological Talk by Katrien Jacobs

Thursday 18 October 2012, 7:00pm, Hong Kong Museum of History, Lecture Hall, Ground Floor, 100 Chatham Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

The talk is based on theories of participatory ethnography and media activism. It assesses Internet sex as “cybertyping” by elaborating on the self-profiling methods of Chinese web users–their sexual transgressions and play with stereotypes of gender and ethnicity. It dissects the erotic imaging choices and correspondences of culturally diverse web users by means of selected case studies, in which the author functioned as participant observant and interviewer, or “coaxer”, of specific people and sex communities. The aim is not only to analyse changing social relations and inter-racial dating strategies, but also to show how researchers can use sexual subjectivity and online personalities to be emotive participants within internet sex environments.

EVENTS – HK’s Free Monthly Anthropology Talks 1

Looking for something different to do? The Hong Kong Anthropological Society was founded 34 years ago and offers free lectures to the public every month. Previous topics have included human trafficking, Chungking Mansions, reactions to the Manila Hostage Crisis, individualism in mainland state schools, racism, minorities in Hong Kong, container ship sailors and even the migration patterns of Chinese gay sex workers. The highly-accessible lectures attract a wide mix of English-speaking expats and locals from around the city, amateur anthropologists and seasoned academics alike.

Yesterday’s talk was presented by HKU PhD candidate Richard Abrahams. His topic was: ‘Tourism in Rural China: Its Effect on Place-Based and Group Identities’. Full video – albeit with poor sound – below.

Membership is HK$200 and includes access to the Asian Anthropology Journal.


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