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EVENT – Hong Kong’s First Contemporary Miniature Art Exhibition

Miniature art has a long history spanning a vast geographic area, from 13th century court paintings in Persia, to 15th century monastic manuscripts in France, to pocket portraits in the Elizabethan era. This September, Hong Kong artists will be reviving the art form with a more contemporary perspective.

1McuJlZ.jpg (974×578)

‘Closer‘ is Hong Kong’s first miniature art exhibition. Each artist is restricted to a canvas measuring only 2” x 3” or 4” x 4”.

NEWS – Artist Found Unconscious in Bathroom Will ‘Not Pursue’ the Matter

An outspoken, visiting artist who was discovered unconscious in a City University toilet, has said he will not pursue the matter. Through his Facebook account, Lee Wen said “I found my face bloodied and four bumps on my head… I had a concussion and did not know if there was any assault or not and I do not wish to pursue the matter as there is no evidence.” Click here for yesterday’s story.

Lee Wen, a visiting artist from Singapore

Lee Wen upon release from Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital yesterday.

Lee Wen’s friend Chan San-mu, also an artist, told the SCMP that “He was attacked before he had a chance to see what [the perpetrator] looked like”.

ART – Highlights from Chai Wan Mei Festival 2014

Chai Wan Mei is a local design festival and introduction to the hidden creative community in Chai Wan’s industrial buildings. [NSFW image below].

Chai Wan Mei Hong Kong 2014

There are book sellers, fashion designers and cafes open year-round, but – this week – studios across the area open their doors to the public.

Chai Wan Mei Hong Kong 2014

This year’s festival includes works from Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2014 winner Adrian Wong…

PHOTOGRAPHY – Alain Jaquier’s HK Shots Combine Timing & Geometry

Alain Jaquier is a Hong Kong-based Swiss photographer with a passion for street photography. He says he focusses on capturing the atmosphere of Hong Kong.

Highlights from his ‘Streetometry’ project are below…

Each minimalist shot combines perfect framing and timing.

ART – Highlights from Art Basel 2014, Part 1 of 2 1

Hong Wrong at Art Basel 2014

Below are some favourites from Hall 1 of the Art Basel exhibition in Wanchai. Click here for Part 2. Click here for more details on the annual international art event, or here for a full guide to Art Week 2014.

Photography: Connie Leung

There are six exhibition sectors showcasing renowned artists and emerging talent, with added emphasis this year on local artists.

Over 181 local and international galleries will be presenting works around 34,782m² of exhibition space in Wanchai.

ART – Guide to Hong Kong Art Week 2014

Below is a breakdown of the best art events happening around Hong Kong this week.

Guide to Hong Kong Art Week 2014

Art Basel

Hong Kong Art Week 2014

Over 181 local and international galleries will be presenting works around 34,782m² of exhibition space in Wanchai. The huge annual art fair has become centrepiece for what has grown into an unofficial city-wide ‘Art Week’. Click here for a Hong Wrong preview.

  • Dates: Thursday, 15th until Sunday 18th.
  • Place: Wanchai Exhibition Centre, Harbour Road, Wanchai.
  • Entry: From HK$250 via HK Ticketing.
  • Google mapClick here.
  • WebsiteClick here.