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NEWS – HK Post Office Refuses to Deliver “Illegal” Leaflet from Pro-Democracy Student Group

In an unusual move, Hong Kong Post Office have refused to deliver a circular leaflet designed by pro-democracy activist group Scholarism. Yesterday, student leaders from the group were informed that the Post Master General, Jessie Ting Yip Yin-mei, had reviewed the matter personally, deeming the pamphlet’s content illegal under its terms and conditions.

Despite the claim, the government-owned postal service did not inform the police of the matter.

Hong Kong Post Office

Joshua Wong and section 3.7 of the ‘Circular’ terms and conditions cited by the Hong Kong Post Office

PHOTOGRAPHY – Student Project Asks Hong Kongers: What Would You Change?

Cameos‘ approached a number of Hong Kongers with questions, “hoping not only for an answer but for them to have a moment to collect their thoughts and consider their ambition and goals.”

Cameos hong kong

Founded just last week, the project is the culmination of a group of student’s ideas and thoughts on the world today.“Its purpose is to serve as a mirror – to reflect both the minute and the major consequentialities of the behaviour of individuals.” Their first series is entitled ‘Change’…

“What’s one thing you really want right now?” “To play soccer."  “你此刻最想要的是什麼?” “踢足球。“

“What’s one thing you really want right now?” “To play soccer.” “你此刻最想要的是什麼?” “踢足球。“

MEDIA WATCH – Al-Jazeera Scrutinises South China Morning Post Amidst Newsroom ‘Discontent’

Yesterday, Al-Jazeera English broadcast a 10-minute report about the South China Morning Post as part of their global media watchdog programme, Listening Post.

The show may be downloaded as a podcast here. Read Hong Wrong’s exclusive investigation into self-censorship at the South China Morning Post here, and our special comment on the paper’s history and importance.

EVENT – Hong Kong’s First Contemporary Miniature Art Exhibition

Miniature art has a long history spanning a vast geographic area, from 13th century court paintings in Persia, to 15th century monastic manuscripts in France, to pocket portraits in the Elizabethan era. This September, Hong Kong artists will be reviving the art form with a more contemporary perspective.

1McuJlZ.jpg (974×578)

‘Closer‘ is Hong Kong’s first miniature art exhibition. Each artist is restricted to a canvas measuring only 2” x 3” or 4” x 4”.

NEWS – Hong Kong Qualifies for the 2014 Homeless World Cup in Chile

A team of ex-convicts and asylum seekers, all of whom have been homeless or in rehabilitation recently, successfully qualified for the annual Homeless World Cup last week.

Homeless World Cup qualifiers, Hong Kong

Homeless World Cup qualifiers, Hong Kong

Local politicians and celebrities attended the 4-a-side tournament. Long Hair Leung Kwok Hung, LegCo member, said that “it’s a chance for the homeless to develop a new experience with a new perspective”.

HISTORY – Photos from 1962 of Mainland Refugees Fleeing Famine Rejected by HK 12

As war and famine ravaged the mainland, hundreds of thousands fled to British Hong Kong during the 40s, 50s and 60s.

abUPfl.jpg (640×437)

LIFE Magazine captured the experiences of some of these migrants in an issue from May, 1962.

Efl5Pl.jpg (640×460)

Some had travelled thousands of miles to begin a new life in the British colony. Meanwhile, the US welcomed only skilled workers.

NEWS: ‘Fake’ Pro-Gov Protesters Paid to Rally Against HK Democracy Movement 6

Thousands of protesters occupied Central in a rally against the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement yesterday. However, Now TV, Cable TV, TVBOriental Daily and the Economic Journal each discovered instances of demonstrators being paid up to HK$480 or offered freebies to attend.

Protester in Hong Kong

via Aaron Anfinson for Hong Wrong.

Many attendees had been mobilised by ethnic groups, leftist organisations, pro-government political parties and even businesses.

protesters being handed cash to attend the pro-government rally.

Oriental Daily uncover protesters being handed cash at the pro-government rally.

Police said that 110,600 attended – more than their estimate for the July 1st pro-democracy march, which they put at 98,600. HKUPOP estimated that 79,000-88,000 attended whilst organisers claimed 193,000 took part. A single SocREC reporter conducted a nonstop headcount, estimating a turnout of 41,250.