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Oldest cabinet yet: Team behind Hong Kong’s next leader Carrie Lam has a total combined age of 999

Chief Executive-elect Carrie Lam appears to have been blessed with another magic number.

After being selected as Hong Kong’s leader with 777 votes in March, Lam announced her new cabinet on Wednesday. Whilst she boasted a “new style of governance,” it was difficult ignore that only one member of the cabinet was recruited from outside the government, and only one was a woman.

Their age is another notable issue. The 17 top officials, including Lam and the 16 secretaries, have a total combined age of 999 – the oldest cabinet yet.

Carrie Lam

Carrie Lam. Photo: GovHK.

777: Chief exec-elect Carrie Lam’s vote count inspires obscene Cantonese puns

Chief executive-elect Carrie Lam’s victorious vote count of 777 in Hong Kong’s small-circle leadership election on Sunday has inspired obscene Cantonese puns.

carrie lam 777

The Cantonese word for “seven” is phonetically similar to an obscene word meaning “penis.” Thus “penis penis penis” began trending online shortly after the results were announced. As a verb or an adjective, the word also refers to “stupidity” or a “blunder.”

Separated at birth? Carrie Lam gov’t lookalikes prompt confusion and delight

A photo of the newly appointed head of the chief executive-elect office has prompted some head-scratching and amusement.

Although the office itself has been embroiled in controversy over its expenses, the focus on Monday was on Jessie Ting Yip Yin-mei, the former Postmaster General and now Secretary-General of the office. Ting bears a remarkable resemblance to chief executive front-runner Carrie Lam.

A Commercial Radio breakfast show used Microsoft’s TwinsOrNot website to assess whether the pair are, in fact, related. According to the website, they are “100%” twins.