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Video: Dutch ‘Black Pete’ character appears at Disco Bay Christmas parade, prompting racism row

A traditional Dutch Christmas festival in which people don blackface has made an appearance at Discovery Bay beach, Lantau.

In a video shared by Localiiz on Saturday, five characters can be seen arriving on a boat wearing blackface make-up, lipstick and large wigs. According to the tradition, Zwarte Piet – or Black Pete – is meant to be the servant of Sinterklaas, or St. Nichloas.

Across the Netherlands, the character celebrates the start of the Christmas season by giving out gifts to children alongside Santa Claus. According to polls, most Dutch see the practice as uncontroversial, though – internationally – the tradition has long raised eyebrows, not least owing to Holland’s colonial history.

Video: Tokyo’s illuminated running Christmas tree guy wins Christmas

A Japan-based British man has won the hearts and minds of Tokyo residents by spreading some Christmas cheer in an unusual way.

Joseph Tame, who runs a video and media business, dressed up as a Christmas tree, complete with flashing lights and decorations.


“I like to make people laugh and smile where they don’t expect it… The reaction here on the streets [has] been amazing,” he told CNN.