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URBEX – Exploring Hong Kong’s Abandoned Kai Tak Police Base 1

Guest post from the HK URBEX team – follow them on Facebook. See also: A Brief History of Kai Tak Airport.

As the former operational base for Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport, this disused 10-storey police station mainly dealt with the day-to-day regulation of crime, security and other special operations.

HISTORY – The Long-Lost Haunted Castles of Hong Kong 3

Eu Tong Sen was a well-known tycoon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with business interests across Southeast Asia. He was also vice-president of the Anti-Opium Society and a somewhat eccentric property owner. Heir to his family’s retail and mining businesses, he took control of his father’s estate in 1898. Over the decades that followed, he multiplied his fortune several times over. By age 30, he was one of the region’s richest men, specialising in the tin mining and rubber industries.

Castle in Hong Kong

via Aeste on Flickr

Eu built three castles in Hong Kong – Eucliffe was the most well-known. It was famous for being a social hot spot in the 1930s and was located next door to the Kadoorie’s Repulse Bay Hotel. The folly featured a large collection of ancient western armour as well as stained glass windows. 

PLACES – Sea Ranch: The 1970s ‘Post-Apocalyptic Discovery Bay’ Once Left to Decay 2

In an accessible area of south-west Lantau lies a 200-unit 1970s luxury resort called Sea Ranch. The eerie residential development was once described by Time Out as feeling “like visiting Discovery Bay after a direct hit from a neutron bomb“.

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The resort was completed in 1979, but accrued massive debt and was the subject of years of legal wrangling. Despite its notoriety, the self-contained enclave in Chi Ma Wan has quite idyllic surroundings and is visible to passengers on the Hong Kong-Macau ferry routes.

There is now renewed interest, with several units undergoing refurbishment and more residents moving there, attracted by the secluded setting.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Exploring Hong Kong’s Creepy Abandoned Abattoir 1

Left to decay in 1999, Cheung Sha Wan Abattoir  長沙灣屠場 is a prize feature on many an urban explorer’s bucket list.

Surrounded by barbed wire and permanently guarded, the site – which opened in 1969 – is notoriously difficult to access.

After repeated scouting missions, Team HK URBEX finally found a way in.

They had to make a quick getaway after they were discovered by security guards, but they returned, alive, with photos.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Exploring Hong Kong’s Most Haunted Abandoned Mansion

Blessed with a prime location on The Peak, Dragon Lodge is cursed with a chequered, somewhat gory, history.

Dragon Lodge, Hong Kong

HK URBEX explored Hong Kong’s ‘most haunted’ house, which now lies in a state of decay.

Dragon Lodge, Hong Kong

Built before WWII, it is said that the original owner went bankrupt. The second owner died in the house and then it is believed that the Japanese occupied the property, decapitating several Catholic nuns in the front yard.