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Video: A trippy new timelapse through the Hong Kong skyline to its dense housing estates

Faced with the highest property prices in the world, half of Hong Kong’s population of 7 million live in densely-populated high-rise public housing estates.

In his newest production “Homeland”, filmmaker Patrick Cheung captures a dazzling time-lapse of daily life and scenic views from these estates, juxtaposed with the city’s famous markets and temples.

Homeland", filmmaker Patrick Cheung

Homeland, by filmmaker Patrick Cheung.

Scenes were filmed in Yuen Long in the north, the working-class residential area of Wong Tai Sin, and the bustling district of Yau Ma Tei, among other locations.

“The people [who] live under the Lion Rock need to keep moving on,” writes Cheung.

Buildings made of cheap foam spark fire hazard fears as China developers cut costs

From a distance you may be forgiven for thinking that this chunky windowsill, spotted on a new housing development in Shaanxi province, is solid as concrete.

But in fact the decorative sill is made of foamed plastic and has been criticised as being a fire hazard for those living there.

Foamed plastic materials used in the construction. Photo: China News.

China News, a state-owned media outlet, reported that the material was “highly flammable,” which could compromise the safety of property owners.

Foamed plastics are cheap, lightweight synthetic resins, commonly used to insulate homes and make household items such as furniture, disposable coffee cups and meat trays seen in supermarkets.