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Hong Kong’s most dreaded creepy-crawlies

Hong Kong has recorded at least 6,784 insect species – most of which are fairly benevolent. However, some are less friendly. HongWrong has collected a list of the city’s most dreaded creepy crawlies.

Nephila Pilipes Golden Golden orb-weaver

Also known as giant wood spiders or banana spiders, they feature a leg span of up to 20cm and often prey on snakes or small birds. They are one of the biggest spiders in the world and, if you fancy a visit to the lovely Lantau Silvermine waterfalls, expect to be absolutely surrounded by gaggles of these nightmarish arachnids. Hong Kong’s “Jumanji Island,” Tung Ping Chau, is also teeming with the damned things, ready and poised to devour your first-born child.