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HKFP History: A brief visual history of Hong Kong’s old airport, Kai Tak

Heralded as the sixth most dangerous in the world, Kai Tak served as Hong Kong’s airport from 1925 until 1998.

Photo: Daryl Chapman, via Flickr.

Photo: Daryl Chapman, via Flickr.

Landings over densely populated Kowloon were spectacular and involved a complicated last-minute manoeuvre known in the piloting community as a ‘Hong Kong turn’ or ‘checkerboard turn’, after the checkerboard reference point above Kowloon Tsai Park.

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In 1925, Kai Tak was a simple grass-strip airfield which served the British RAF and enthusiasts from the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

By 1928, a concrete slipway was constructed for seaplanes.