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VIDEO – Liars’ League Hong Kong – March Performances, ‘He & She’

Monday evening saw the second Liars’ League Hong Kong performances – live at ‘Joyce’s Not Here’ cafe, Soho. Eight local actors performed eight original pieces to another packed house. Click here for last month’s videos, or here for a Time Out review.

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All March’s performances are below, in full and in HD – the theme was ‘He and She’…

Alex Milner performs Jervis Street by Steve Dodd.

Sean Hebert performs He said, She said, Descriptions of the Sky by E. P. Henderson.

Keon Lee performs Semi-detached by Liam Hogan.

EVENTS – Liars’ League, Hong Kong Tonight (Free)

Liars’ League returns to Hong Kong on Feb 25th at Joyce’s Not Here Cafe, 7:30pm. See their website or Facebook page for more information. Click here for video coverage of January’s event.

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“Liars’ League HK is a regular live literary night featuring professional actors reading original short stories. Selected stories are published on our website and performed by actors before a live audience at Joyce is Not Here. Over the coming months, we hope to shake up the party a little bit by adding in live music performances, beer tastings, book signings and other fun stuff… Fiction is basically a lie. So is performance. Lies are told on a day to day basis. But to be a good liar, you have to really work at it; sharpen your tongue, train your movements, perfect your poker face.”

February’s theme is ‘He & She’, March’s theme is ‘Fairytales & Nightmares’ and April’s theme is ‘East & West’. Stay tuned to Hong Wrong for video coverage! Writers and performers are invited to audition and take part in the ‘live fiction’ monthly event at Joyce’s cafe – 38-44 Peel St, Soho.

VIDEO – Liars’ League Hong Kong – The First Performances 3

Tuesday saw the debut of Liars’ League Hong Kong – live at ‘Fill in the Blank’, Wan Chai. Four local actors performed four original pieces to a packed house…

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If you missed this rare treat, all four of the performances are below…

Morality Laws Aboard Noah’s Ark by Jody Callahan. Performed by ‘Featuring Loretta‘ star, Michael Rogers…

Colours by Graham Buchan. Performed by Alex Milner…