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BLOG – Hong Kong’s Kim Jong-Un Lookalike Hails Fellow “Dictator” Lee Kuan Yew

Hong Kong’s very own Kim Jong-un impersonator was ushered out of an event marking the passing of Singapore’s founding leader Lee Kuan Yew on Sunday. “Kim” took to the stage as hundreds of Singaporeans gathered at Central Plaza to watch a live-stream of Lee’s funeral.

In an effort to subvert the outpouring of positive coverage surrounding Lee’s passing, the Kim lookalike declared the former prime minister the “world’s greatest dictator” amid angry heckles.

vC2oXZW.jpg (833×809)

PHOTOGRAPHY – Squalid Slums Return to Asia’s “World City”

A Huffington Post cross-feature. Some names have been altered and identities obscured to protect those featured.

Village houses and flats overlook a ramshackle slum in Lam Tei, a suburb in Hong Kong’s New Territories. As of December 2014, the city is home to 9,618 asylum claimants.

NEWS – Fortune Magazine Places Joshua Wong at #10 in Great World Leader List 4

The Umbrella Movement student leader and Scholarism founder Joshua Wong has been placed tenth in a list of 50 ‘Great World Leaders’ by Fortune Magazine.

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Fortune said that Wong was a “compelling figure” and that his “non-violent protest message and energetic idealism galvanised crowds that, over months, numbered in the hundreds of thousands.”

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The student activist was previously given pride of place on the front of TIME Magazine and was nominated for ‘2014 Person of the Year’.

BLOG – Third Runway Maths: The Most Expensive in the World? 1

 Guest Post by Peter Woo of FrontlineTechWorkers

Hong Kong’s third runway is now reported to be a HK$140B (billion) project. How absurd is this? Let’s compare:

Uq8HShW.jpg (806×399)

Beijing Capital International Airport – Market Capital HK$32.5B

Unlike Hong Kong International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport is publicly listed, actually on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0694.hk). With HK$140B, we can buy out Beijing’s airport 4 times.

London Heathrow Airport – Valued at HK$60B

There was a 8.65% stake sale of the Heathrow Airport Holdings for GBP392M (million)

in 2013. That would imply a full stake valuation of the airport to be around GBP4.5B (392M / .0865). Even by taking the peak of GDP/HK$ rate in 2013 at around HK$13 (currently HK$11.37), it would only be HK$60B, i.e. we can buy out the Heathrow Airport twice.

Berlin Airport New Runway – HK$32B

VIDEO – #OccupyHK: a 360° Virtual Reality Documentary

‘Hong Kong Unrest’ is a news documentary filmed in 360 degree video that tells the story of the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The film breaks fresh journalistic ground by providing a news narrative, on a topic of world importance, using live-motion 360-degree video.

WEuZfCe.jpg (772×429)

  • Use the controls at the top right of the embedded video control the camera.
  • Increase the video quality (settings cog at the bottom right) for a better experience.

Hong Kong Unrest was created by Immersivly. The film was shot using six GoPro cameras attached to a pole.

NEWS – School Children Lead HK’s Largest Peaceful Protest Against Ivory Trade

An army of about 100 school children from four Hong Kong schools converged Saturday on city’s ivory trade stronghold of Hollywood Road to peacefully protest the rampant trade in elephant ivory. The young activists, ages 10 to 12, held placards and shouted slogans as they called for members of the public to stop buying elephant ivory and for the Hong Kong government to ban the city’s ivory trade.

WildAid supports the actions of these elephant advocates who attend ESF Clearwater Bay School, ESF Kennedy School, ESF West Island School and Canadian International School. According to Save the Elephants, 100,000 African elephants were illegally killed for their ivory tusks between 2010 and 2012 — a crisis fuelled in large part by demand from Hong Kong and China.

VIDEO – Watch China’s Banned Pollution Documentary (With English Subtitles)

Last week, China further restricted media coverage of the controversial environmental documentary ‘Under the Dome’.

Viewed by over 100 million people, the film – by investigative journalist Chai Jing – reveals the human cost of China’s toxic air.

    PV5XBnq.gif (250×137)

Though initially supported, then tolerated by the authorities, censors had begun removing all copies of the documentary by the end of last week.

BLOG – Hong Kong Electoral Reform & The Propaganda Genie

Guest post by Brendan Clift

Policy-making and reform necessarily involve communication between governments and residents. But Hong Kong is witnessing an escalation in government messaging that promotes a particular direction for electoral reform. This week, a lawyers group called out the government for masking political advertising as neutral “announcements in the public interest”, or APIs, which broadcast licensees must air.

The Progressive Lawyers Group says these messages breach the Broadcasting Ordinance prohibition on political advertising, although the code of practice for television advertising states that APIs are not advertisements. But the greater risk for the government is that its PR campaign is becoming overbearing. As such, it threatens to undermine the credibility of local media and galvanize opposition forces.