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BLOG – Pillow Fight Day Part 2: The Aftermath – Heroes & Villains 3

After hundreds gathered for Hong Kong’s biggest ever International Pillow Fight Day, a dedicated group of community-minded competitors remained on site for over an hour, clearing Chater Garden of the feathery aftermath… (Click here for Part 1: Photos & Coverage.)

Long-suffering onlookers from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department assisted with water and brushes after watching the flash-mob wreck havoc on their patch.

via Nathan Tsui

via Nathan Tsui

PHOTOGRAPHY – Pillow Fight Day Part 1: Coverage & Photos of HK’s Biggest Yet 3

Around 500 Hong Kongers unleashed a furiously frivolous feathery fury upon random strangers in Chater Garden last Saturday. (Click here for Part 2: The Aftermath.)

Hong Kong Pillow Fight Day

via Oriental Daily

It was the biggest ever Hong Wrong ‘International Pillow Fight Day’ yet.


Handsome ringmaster, Tom Grundy, begins the countdown, via Ignacio Virgen

Kids fought on the sidelines in an internationally synchronised day of community love and global unity…

Pillow Fight kids

Fun for all ages, via Divya Rao

Dozens also turned up in colourful costumes…

China News

via China News

There was even live music this year, courtesy of a friendly bagpiping duo…