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BLOG – Photographs of Hong Kong’s Rooftop Slums 13

Limited space and sky-high rents have pushed HK’s poor into cages, ‘shoeboxes‘, sub-divided death traps and up onto rooftop slums in the blistering heat. Average house prices in Hong Kong have jumped 76% since 2008, with no end in sight to the ever-increasing, monstrous cost of housing…

Ei9QLaYl.jpg (640×518)

Artwork by atomier-one.blogspot.hk

Rufina Wu & Stefan Canham have drawn attention to the underprivileged Hong Kongers who exist at the bottom of society but on top of the city. The images below are from their photographic project, ‘Portraits from Above: Hong Kong’s Informal Rooftop Communities‘…

2OTlsShl.jpg (640×396)

One of the five residential focus points of the book is a mixed-use structure located in Tai Kok Tsui (above). The area first developed as a shipyard which linked into other heavy industries but, since the 1980s, many of the factories have relocated. Like Sham Shui Po and Kwun Tong, this area is a redevelopment zone and is expected to undergo major transformations.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Life in the Gutter of Asia’s World City

As CY Leung declares ‘let them eat cake‘, 1,200 Hong Kongers are about to face another night on the streets this evening…

Charlie Eady is a photographer from London who has lived in Kowloon for the past four years. During that time, he has been working in the private sector and for a British charity. See his full portfolio here.

POLITICS – Elizabeth Quat: The Hong Kong Politician With 3 “Fake” Degrees 4

A governance activist has revealed how Elizabeth Quat 葛珮帆博士, a Justice of Peace and politician for the pro-Beijing DAB party obtained her three ‘degrees’ from an apparently dodgy ‘diploma mill‘ university. Quat is a member of several corporate and government boards but claims to have obtained a degree, masters and PhD from “Greenwich University, Hawaii” (not to be confused with Britain’s legitimate University of Greenwich).

Elizabeth Quat

Elizabeth Quat flying in the face of controversy

A diploma mill is an an unaccredited higher education institution offering fake qualifications for a fee. Incorporated in 1990, Greenwich University (which moved to Norfolk Island in 1998) never received accreditation from any recognised American body and was seemingly run from incredibly modest headquarters…

HELPERS – Police & Indonesian Consulate Detain Erwiana Upon Return to HK 16

Update: “Shocking” Actions by HK Authorities a “Conflict of Interests” says Lawyer.

Erwiana, the Indonesian helper who was allegedly tortured for 8-months by her Hong Kong employer, has been taken against her wishes to the Indonesian consulate after returning to the city this afternoon. Erwiana is visiting Hong Kong for a medical report related to her case. Last week, she accepted an offer of secure accommodation from the NGOs who have been assisting her. She initially resisted police efforts to take her to the consulate but was separated from her father and complied with the Hong Kong authorities after they threatened to deport her.

Eman at Hong Kong Airport

Eman and Sringatin from the Justice Committee speaks to journalists, via SCMP’s @JoannaChiu on Twitter

There were tense scenes and a heavy police presence as Justice for Erwiana Committee members gathered to greet her at the airport chanting “shame on the Indonesian authorities“. As a free, Indonesian citizen, who is not under investigation, Erwiana would normally be entitled to visit the city as a tourist for 30 days.

Activists, reporters and police gathered in Causeway Bay at the Indonesian consulate, where Erwiana arrived just before 6pm.

HELPERS – Tortured Helper Suspect in Court Today as Gov’t Refuses to Alter Rules 1

As the employer accused of torturing Indonesian helper Erwiana Sulistyaningsih appears at a Kwun Tong court facing seven charges of abuse, helpers and local people gathered at the Star Ferry last night for a candlelit vigil in her name.

Despite tireless efforts by the Justice Committee, international condemnation, multiple submissions to the government calling for reform and subsequent torture cases, the Hong Kong authorities are yet to announce any change in the rules which enabled the torture of Erwiana.

POLITICS – HK’s ‘Last Governor’ Mobbed as ‘Fans’ Blare British National Anthem 9

‘God Save the Queen’ was blaring at the Central waterfront last night as the last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, was mobbed by emotional ‘fans’ wielding colonial flags…

The surreal welcoming committee was organised online by anti-government groups who use the colonial flag as a tool of protest. Shouting ‘we love you’ and ‘we miss you’, they handed a letter to Patten detailing how they believe the Basic Law has been violated since the 1997 Handover.

xIGSDKw.png (630×346)

via Apple Daily

HELPERS – Employer Groups Protest Against Improved Rights for Domestic Workers 9

Around 50 protesters from the Liberal Party and domestic helper employer groups gathered at government headquarters today demanding the government allow them to sack their helpers without notice.

Last month, at a government hearing, Liberal Party member Harris Yeung warned thatthere will be more pregnancies” if helpers are given the option to live away from their employers (video). Protest leader and councillor Michael Lee stood by his party’s assertion today, adding that allowing workers to ‘live-out’ would create social issues, “…such as the housing problem, such as the traffic problem. We cannot control what they are doing at night… They will do some part-time jobs, or they may even go drinking or go partying. Then they will have no energy to work for us.”

Protest leader and Liberal Party councillor Michael Lee

Protest leader and Liberal Party councillor Michael Lee

The employers claimed their needs were being neglected, chanting “we demand the government give us automatic firing rights!” and “helpers borrow money and run off!“.

PHOTOGRAPHY – So Lo Pun: HK’s Ancient ‘Haunted’ Abandoned Village 10

So Lo Pun 鎖羅盆 is arguably one of Hong Kong’s oldest, most ‘haunted’ and most rural abandoned villages.

Encircled by thick forest and beautiful mangroves, the name ‘So Lo Pun’ translates literally as ‘the compass is locked’. This is because hikers have supposedly reported that compasses tend to stop working when they enter the area.

There is evidence that the village had been inhabited since 872 AD but by the 1980s, it had been almost completely deserted.

POLITICS – ‘No Gays!’ Says HK’s International Christian School (And It’s Legal!) 56

International Christian School in Sha Tin has banned gay teachers, forcing staff to sign a ‘morality contract’ and a form which suggests sinners will be cast out like ‘heathens’.

The story was reported by Simon Parry in the China Daily, after an expatriate art teacher asked the school to clarify its stance. She received the following response from Admin & Recruitment Co-ordinator Sandy Burnett…

via China Daily

POLITICS – Offensive or Hilarious? Hong Kong’s Most Confusing Anti-Mainlander Protest 10

Over 100 Hong Kongers marched through Mongkok’s pedestrianised shopping thoroughfare this afternoon wielding Little Red Books, Mao paintings, Chinese flags and dunce caps.

The ironic ‘parody protest’ was organised on Facebook and attracted almost as many reporters and police officers as participants.

“We encourage [mainlanders] to go back to their country to buy goods. This tourism is too much for Hong Kong people – if they really love their country, they should not come to Hong Kong and buy things not produced by China… We can set up an immigration tax. Secondly, we can set up a quota for incoming tourists” said Benton Yip, who denied the rally was xenophobic. “We love our country too!”