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ACTIVISM – ‘They Can’t Kill Us All’: Protesters Unite for Press Freedom 3

Thousands gathered at government headquarters today after Ming Pao’s ex-editor Kevin Lau Chun-to was hospitalised following a hit-and-run ‘meat cleaver’ attack this week. Below are photos from the protest at Tamar site…

The H0ng Kong Journalist’s Association organised the rally weeks after Hong Kong’s press freedom rating was downgraded and a controversial Commercial Radio host was sacked without explanation.

URpHa2jl.jpg (640×216)

POLITICS – Full Lowdown: 2 New Reports Slam Hong Kong Media Self-Censorship

Hong Kong enjoys a unique position in China with rule of law and freedom of speech enshrined in its mini-constitution. Media outlets based in the city therefore have an unrepresented opportunity to be Beijing’s ‘watchdogs’ and fulfil a role that would be impossible behind the Great Chinese Firewall where civil liberties are restricted. However, it appears that Hong Kong’s press have settled into a role of Beijing’s ‘lapdogs’ as opposed to ‘watchdogs’, with multiple reports lamenting the city’s declining journalistic freedom.

via AFP/Getty

Today, Hong Kong fell three places in the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index. We are now 61st – behind Burkina Faso, Moldova and Haiti.  Also today, a scathing new analysis of Hong Kong’s ‘cancerous’ plague of self-censorship was published by the Committee to Protect Journalists in New York. As well as detailing physical attacks on journalists, it reveals how more than half of the city’s media owners have now accepted appointments to Beijing’s main political assemblies.


The CPJ states that media freedom is now at a “low point” with a 2013 HKU study showing that more than half of the public now believe the press self-censors.

POLITICS – New HK Documentary Follows Scholarism’s Joshua Wong

Lessons in Dissent‘ is a new Hong Kong documentary due for release this spring. Below is a rousing scene from the movie which follows student activist Joshua Wong who led the Scholarism protests of 2012…

Read Hong Wrong’s full lowdown of the national education protests – the city’s most significant uprising in recent years. The Scholarism rally attracted over 170,000 demonstrators and received international coverage, forcing CY Leung to back down on plans to impose the ‘patriotic’ education programme.

The documentary by British amateur filmmaker Matthew Torne’s film will premiere at the 2014 International Film Festival in March. 

HELPERS – Over 5000 Demand ‘Justice for Erwiana’ Today 2

Over 5000 Indonesian domestic workers rallied at police and government headquarters today, demanding justice for torture victim Erwiana Sulistyaningsih.

You can donate to her directly, sign a petition, write letters and more at the Justice for Erwiana.com Action Centre.

Dozens of locals and expats also took part. Hong Kong’s Trade Unionist movement, the League of Social Democrats, Socialist Action, Left21 and the Neighbourhood and Worker’s Service were amongst local groups joining the demonstration.

POLITICS – Hong Kong’s Very Own ‘Airpocalypse’ 1

The level of air pollution in HK yesterday was amongst the worst on record…

dRZ7m8s.jpg (600×406)

Earlier in the week, via @Alex_Ogle on Twitter

The live statistics at HKU’s Headley Environmental Index revealed that from midnight till 5pm, there were 5 preventable deaths, 286 hospital bed days and 13,872 doctor visits related to air quality.

Yesterday’s air quality according to World Health Organisation Guidelines.

BLOG – Lufsig-Mania Continues as HK Takes to Photoshop and the Shops

The mania surrounding HK’s most wanted toy shows no sign of abating, with the Lufsig FB page reaching 50,000 fans this week. Even CY himself praised the genius of Lufsig-gate, announcing that it proved how Hong Konger’s ‘creativity was boundless‘. Unmoved by CY’s adorable attempt to demonstrate a sense of humour, many HK netizens took the opportunity to mercilessly exercise their Photoshop skills… (mildly NSFW images below). 

QfxtSr4.jpg (653×490)

The toy represents a perfect lingual storm. Leung Chun-ying is often compared to a wolf for his cunning deviousness, whilst ‘to throw’ resembles a vulgar expression in Cantonese. Lufsig’s original phonetic translation, ‘Lo Mo Sai’, is also a near-homophone of ‘mother’s cunt’.

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POLITICS – Kim Jong-Un Hired to Protest Kim Jon-Un in Wanchai 5

A HK-based Australian Kim Jong-un lookalike was hired this afternoon by a local concern group to protest the actions of the North Korean regime…

‘Howard’ (previously interviewed on the blog), turned court jester for the afternoon as he spoke against political detention camps in the DPRK.

POLITICS – Why Are Hong Kongers are Going Crazy for ‘Lufsig’ the Toy Wolf? 1

‘Lufsig’ – a toy wolf from IKEA – flew off the shelves over the weekend, with all HK stores reporting ‘no stock’ remaining…

Naw7nybl.jpg (640×267)

via United Social Press

It follows farcical scenes at a North Point town hall meeting where Financial Secretary John Tsang was hit by an egg…

GnY1NSMl.jpg (640×227)

…and a HK$99 ‘lufsig’ toy was hurled at CY Leung by a member of the League of Social Democrats…

ACTIVISM – HK’s Slutwalk 2013 Protests Victim Blaming & Rape Myths 14

The Hong Kong chapter of a global movement against victim-blaming and rape culture hit the streets today, marching from Times Square to Wanchai…

Dozens of activists – both men and women, from all ages and backgrounds – joined together protesting such issues as HK’s flimsy rape laws and increased sexual assault figures in the city.

Dressed mostly in pyjamas, the activists chanted “Hey ho, hey ho! Rape myths have got to go!” and “I’m a slut, I’m a ho! No matter what, no means no.

HELPERS – Amnesty International Condemns HK Helper ‘Slavery’ 13

Hong Kong was thrust into the international spotlight on Thursday as Amnesty International published a detailed report on the sorry plight of Indonesian domestic helpers in the city. It decried ‘slavery’-like conditions, finding that more than two-thirds of workers endured psychological or physical abuse.  The report, entitled ‘Exploited for profit, failed by governments: Indonesian migrant domestic workers trafficked to Hong Kong’, is accompanied by a video, which is well worth watching…

You can read the report in full by clicking here (PDF)

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