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Photoshop battle: After being rescued from a flood, a little pig goes a long way

Heavy floods rocked Yibin County, Sichuan province in August, requiring villagers to evacuate themselves and their belongings from Hengjiang village.

As rescue workers waded through the water to help one pig to safety, internet users were charmed after it was caught on camera “smiling.” A Photoshop battle soon ensued…

flood pig smiling

The original image.

flood pig smiling

Photo: MixSaffron/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: Shopdude/Reddit and Metalkon/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: Cynar/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: itsinfo/Reddit.

flood pig smiling

Photo: avisioncame/Reddit and Razor505/Reddit.

Videos: Hongkongers share dramatic clips of Black Rain flooding as city grinds to a halt

Hongkongers shared photos and videos of the sudden Black Rain downpour on Wednesday. Below are some of the most dramatic clips doing the rounds on social media. Click here for a full update on the incoming typhoon.

‘Starbucks uncle’ sipping coffee during flood epitomises Lion Rock spirit, sparks Photoshop battle

A photo of an old man enjoying a newspaper and a coffee at a flooded Chai Wan Starbucks went viral on the TV Most Facebook page on Wednesday.

Ne2gaUW.jpg (757×527)

The inspiring image, which encapsulates the unheeding resilience of Hongkongers everywhere, gained over 12,000 Facebook “reactions” and over 1,500 shares.

A photo posted a little later showed that the intrepid citizen had been joined by another adventurous soul.

CUbikCS.jpg (960×960)

It wasn’t long before netizens took to Photoshop…

shark starbucks

Photo: Tsz Him Ko, via Facebook.

Kristy Chan starbucks

Photo: Kristy Chan, via Facebook.

starbucks guy

Photo: Tham Kj, via Facebook.

Manfred ToTo photo

Photo: Manfred ToTo.

Hong Kong blogger creates creative ‘warning icons’ for city life

A series of original customised warning icons mimicking the ones used by the Hong Kong Observatory for weather alerts have gained popularity after being published by local blog Expat Lingo.

Expat Lingo

Photo: Expat Lingo

The blog is run by Jennifer Brown, an American former-lawyer who currently lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two children. The six original icons include tongue-in-cheek references to aspects of Hong Kong life such as the Hong Kong Sevens (Drunk Seven Fan Warning), crowds of mainland tourists (Golden Week), and clandestine street races (Boy Racers).

‘The struggle is real’: Total chaos as epic Siberian polar ice blast whips Hong Kongers

satire humour banner ribbon

Hong Kong remained in an icy grip on Sunday night as the city ground to a complete and total standstill. Schools, roads, the MTR, airport and all organs of government and enterprise came to a halt with temperatures sinking to lows of 3 degrees Celsius.

Snow hong kong

Photo: HKFP/ Sherman Sham remix.

“#PrayForHongKong” was trending on Twitter as leaders across the region urged citizens to donate fan heaters and insulation to bewildered Hong Kongers.

Many took respite in the city’s malls and cinemas which, during winter, remain air-conditioned to a relatively toasty 10 degrees Celsius.

weather snow hong kong

Spectacular sun halo shines down on Hong Kong as city sizzles

Hong Kong sky-gazers were treated to a spectacular sight as the city sizzled on Sunday – a so-called 22-degree halo around the sun.

yung shue wan lamma

Photograph of the sun halo taken by a resident from Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island. Photo: Marckq Scmidt via Facebook.

Although not particularly rare, the bright glowing halo, in vivid blue skies, prompted a flurry of stunning pictures uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. “Amazing” exclaimed one netizen, “beautiful” said another.

shau kei wan

Taken in Shau Kei Wan. Photo: Benny Wong via Facebook