BLOG – Police Action in Tai Po Called into Question

‘Front-line’ protest groups, such as Frontline Democracy, the Faculty of Orchid Gardening and Civic Passion, gathered in Tai Po yesterday facing off with police and pro-government protesters led by Leticia Lee.

Six people, including five police officers were injured during scuffles and three men were arrested. Two of them remain in custody for questioning, one has been released, according to police.

In one clip of the unrest posted by @lostdutchhk, police are seen holding a man in a chokehold embrace before he apparently loses consciousness. 

The treatment of some female protesters was also questioned…

Many of the more “radical” protest groups avoided the traditional pro-democracy demonstration on Hong Kong Island, which some accuse of being a ‘fundraising activity’ for the mainstream pro-democracy groups. Those gathered in Tai Po use more direct means to voice frustration over what they see as an ongoing erosion of Hong Kong values and autonomy by Beijing.

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