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The Telegraph has revealed that unpopular HK leader CY Leung met with unpopular ex-British leader and war criminal, Tony Blair, in June to (wait for it…) discuss ‘effective government’. The get-together was attended by Caroline Wilson, the controversial British consul general, yet was not reported at the time.

It is thought his meeting with Leung was part of trip that led to business contracts with Peru and Vietnam. Blair’s ‘Government Advisory Practice’ earns him millions of pounds as an advisor. He has already struck deals with the oppressive Kazakh autocracy, making the ex-leader the richest in British history. Despite widespread calls for him to stand trial, Blair continues to travel freely around the world as head of a complex, opaque and highly lucrative mix of political, business and philanthropic ventures.

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The happy couple first met in 2007 at the Phoenix Palace Restaurant (via raymondwong138 on Flickr)

The meeting came a day after Blair was criticised for an Islamophobic Daily Mail column. Since June, he has since gone on to rally for attack on Syria.

Nowadays, Blair’s schedule is a “closely guarded secret” after a campaign by Guardian columnist George Monbiot ignited a series of citizen’s arrest attempts. During a visit to Hong Kong University last year, he was confronted by an activist and local blogger. In a post today, written in the third person, the blogger awkwardly confirmed that he had donated to, and will feature in, an upcoming, crowd-funded documentary about the legal case against Blair.

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